Sam and Dean go on a mission to investigate a strange disappearance of a man in Pendleton, Oregon.  Their research on the Mark of Cain is a dead end.  The only thing that Dean found was that Cain became a demon after he made a deal with the devil.  Dean is having difficultly forgiving himself for what he did to Charlie, but Sam believes he can down the road.

Supernatural about a boy 02The Good

  • Its Supernatural meets
  • When investigating the disappearance of a local man, J.P., Dean befriends a woman, Tina. Their crappy childhood is a wonderful icebreaker for them.
  • Tina gets kidnapped outside the bar where Dean and she met. Dean gets taken as well.
  • Dean wakes up in a house with Tina. They wake up in their younger self, about fourteen years.
  • P. is there as well, but the kidnapper takes him away and never heard from again. Dean escapes with the help of Tina distracting the kidnapper.
  • Dean finds Sam. Sam is dumbfounded as to what happened to Dean.
  • Good news is that there is no more Mark on Dean. Bad news is that if they do find a way to return Dean back, the Mark will return as well.
  • Dean is having second thoughts about returning to normal, second chances for him.
  • They go back to the house to find that the kidnapper is Hansel from the Grimm fairytales and the old witch who wants to eats Tina and Dean, is on a mission from the Grand Coven to find Rowena and bring her back to answer for her mischief. Hansel ate Gretel and is working for the old witch.
  • Dean is able to return himself back to normal and throw the old witch in the burning oven and kill Hansel. Unfortunately, the power to restore Tina is destroyed in the oven with the witch.
  • Tina is okay with that. She believes that this is a second chance for her.  She leaves three ex-husbands, a dead end job, and a lot of regrets and missed opportunities.
  • Dean silently wishes that for him as well, but he has found another way to have a second chance.
  • One of Taylor Swift’s songs is playing in Dean’s car, and he likes it! Yikes!!

Supernatural about a boy 01The Bad

  • The teenager who plays the younger Dean is not cool enough to pull it off.
  • Even though the Hansel and Gretel story is a nice addition to the world of Supernatural, it is a bit weak. The fact that Hansel ended up working for the old witch is a little disappointing….and poor Gretel.

This episode is not as exciting as the previous one, it was somewhat entertaining.  The only thing I got out of this episode is that Dean is itching to get the Mark off of him, even if it means reverting back to his younger years.  Sam is the only thing that is keeping Dean together.  Rowena’s coven is mentioned in this episode.  Maybe they can help Dean, in exchange for delivering Rowena to them.

Supernatural S10E12 “About a Boy” recap