Supernatural is back and this week an old foe turned friend helps the Winchesters with a murder/suicide case in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  Cole is brought in by one of his military comrade’s wife to find out what happened to her husband.  A t first, Dean is not to thrilled that he is tagging along, but Cole insists on getting involved in this case since the suspect/victim was a part of his old platoon in the war.

Supernatural The Things They Carried 01The Good

  • To distract Sam from his hunting for a cure for Deam and the Mark, Dean decides to investigate this strange murder/suicide in North Carolina. Dean again reminds Sam that he just wants to hunt and not think about the Mark
  • Cole is back, this time he is helping the Winchesters with a murder case.
  • A familiar monster is back. A Khan worm is infecting and leeching on a soldier back from the war.  The Winchesters dealt with this kind of monster a couple years back.  It turns ordinary people into killers.
  • Cole gets to see first hand what Sam and Dean deal with everyday.
  • This case is a reminder to Sam that even though sometimes when you try everything you did to save someone, it never goes the way you want it and people just die.
  • Sam realizes that Dean’s situation can not be resolved, that the Mark may take him and that Sam will have to make the ultimate decision and put Dean down.
  • I’m glad that Crowley and Castiel didn’t show up in this one. I need a break from them from time to time.

Supernatural The Things They Carried 02The Bad

  • The part of saving Dean is getting a bit repetitive with Sam but I hope this episode finally gives Sam a wake up call, but that is wishful thinking.
  • The monster of the week is fine, but it is overshadowed by Cole and Dean trying to get into each others head and figure each other out.
  • I like Cole, but I hope I don’t see him again, because I don’t to see his family become fatherless and widowed.

This week definitely gives Sam a wake up call that everything doesn’t end up all happy go lucky.  Cole’s appearance helps clear up the cobwebs and animosity between him and Dean.  I’m sure where they are going to go from here, but I’m sure Sam will not stop until he finds a way to help his brother.


Supernatural S10E15  ‘The Things They Carried’ recap