This week the Winchesters are investigating a couple of murder/suicides in Worcester, Massachusetts at a local Catholic church.  Rowena gets revenge on someone in her past for ruining her life, and the Mark is still on Dean.

Supernatural Paint it Black 02The Good

  • Teryl Rothery guest stars as Olivette, the High Priestess of the Grand Coven. I loved her in SG-1.
  • Sam and Dean discover that a vengeance ghost is killing men because of their adulterous behavior.
  • Dean risks his life to draw out the vengeance ghost in the church by going to confession. During his confessional, Dean wrestles with his decision to just let the Mark take him and not fight it.  The priest asks him if he believes in God.  He said yes, but is concerned if God doesn’t believe in him.
  • Sister Mathias at the Catholic Church talks about restless spirits that roam around the church, and at first they were benevolent, but now something has changed them to be more malicious.
  • Rowena gets her revenge on Olivette, who expelled her from the Coven. Olivette tells Rowena that the Coven has been attacked and weakened by The Men of Letters.  Olivette then tells her that the Winchesters happened to be Men of Letters.  Rowena then turns her into a hamster and watches her run around in a cage.
  • Sam and Dean are able to stop the vengeance ghost by burning her belongings that were stored on church property.
  • Crowley refuses to help Rowena with her revenge by refusing to capture Dean and Sam.
  • Dean finally gives in and tells Sam that it’s okay to continue searching for a cure for the Mark, because he doesn’t want to die.

Supernatural Paint it Black 01The Bad

  • The case is a little weak this week. A romance gone horribly wrong. Then a jilted woman becomes a vengeance ghost to exact a twisted form of justice to anybody who hurt or betrayed their spouse is not very exciting to watch.
  • The ghost’s past is boring to watch. I didn’t want to see a man and a woman show their affection towards one another.
  • Not enough action this week.

This week Dean finally realizes that the Mark should not run his life and let death come so easily.  He needs to fight it and wants Sam to help him.  Rowena finally shows her teeth on the one person she desperately wants to hurt.  She also discovers that the Winchesters are connected to her revenge and wants her son, Fergus, I mean Crowley, to help her.  Next week the Winchesters, Rowena, and Crowley come face to face in a battle that should prove to be interesting.


Supernatural S10E16 ‘Paint it Black’ recap