This week Sam and Dean get a call from Charlie who is out searching for anything that can help cure Dean of the Mark, but unfortunately she is being chased by some very nasty people.  Metatron and Castiel take a roadtrip to find Castiel’s grace and find themselves discovering things about each other they have not addressed before.

Supernatural Book of the Damned 01The Good

  • Charlie is back and this time she finds something that can take the Mark off of Dean. She finds the Book of the Damned, which is a spell book that uses human skin for its pages and human blood for its writing.  She is being hunted by a monstrous, devious family, The Stynes, that has used this Book for evil personal use in the past, but they lost it a century ago.
  • The Book of the Damned can successfully remove the Mark, but with a dark price. Dean refuses to give in to this temptation, because he feels that the Book is calling to him and wants Dean to use it for evil purposes.
  • Sam tells Charlie that he needs his brother, and will do anything and everything to keep him alive and safe.
  • Metatron and Castiel’s field trip is like a warped angelic version of the film Midnight Run with Robert Deniro and Charles Grodin. It’s pretty hilarious.
  • I love Curtis Armstrong as Metatron. His performance of a pathetic newly form human is brilliant.  His deceptive personality fools Castiel into thinking that he is only helping Castiel get his grace back, but tricks him in the end and Metatron escapes.  Fortunately Castiel finds his grace and he is fully restored.
  • The Stynes find the Winchesters and Charlie and try to take the Book away from them. Dean tells Sam to burn the Book, that no one should have it because it is too dangerous.  Sam throws a book into the fireplace, but Jacob Stynes, the elder Stynes brother notices that he switches the Book for a fake before he tossed it.  Jacob charges after Sam and tells him that his family will never stop searching for the Book, before Sam kills him.

Supernatural Book of the Damned 02The Bad

  • Metatron is out in the wind.
  • Sam makes a deal with Rowena to help remove the Mark from Dean. That can’t be good
  • Sam deceives Dean about the Book. That is not a good idea.  I remember about Bobby’s warning to Sam about keeping things from Dean.
  • Castiel lied to Dean about how he got his grace back. That is also going to backfire, big time.

This week an old friend help the brothers find a solution to Dean’s problem, but in the end they are back to square one.  Castiel gets his grace back but with a terrible price and Sam goes behind Dean’s back and makes a deal with the devil to help him.  Next week should be interesting and exciting.


Supernatural S10E18 ‘Book of the Damned’ recap