This week Sam is investigating a way to remove the Mark without Dean’s knowledge, and to accomplish his task he asks Rowena for help.  Dean is facing his own personal problems with the Mark’s insatiable need to kill and getting a visit from an old friend.

Supernatural The Werther Project 01The Good

  • Rowena is back. Our favorite Scottish lass have returned to give Sam a little assistance in finding the Codex, a book stolen by the Men of Letters to stop the Grand Coven from deciphering the Book of the Damned.  In return, Sam agrees to help kill Crowley for her.
  • Rowena is starting to grow on me. Is that wrong since she is a villain?
  • The Men of Letters black sheep is the focus of Sam’s investigation. Cuthbert Sinclair, a.k.a Magnus, fellow Men of Letters agent, created a safety box “the Werther Box” with a really nasty security system to house the Codex.  When someone tries to open it, they suddenly die of self-inflicted wounds.
  • Sam finds the Box in St. Louis, Missouri, stored in the basement of some house with murderous past that is connected to the Box’s lethal protection spell. The house also happens to be a former Chapter of the Men of Letters.
  • Sam tries to sneak away and leave Dean at home; hoping that Dean won’t find out what he is up to. But Dean somehow finds him in St. Louis and joins the case.  Dean has no idea the true nature of Sam’s intentions in the case.  Dean just knows that the house is called The St. Louis Suicide House, in which a family was killed back in the 70’s.  They are survived by a daughter named Suzie, who lives there.
  • While trying to open the Box, the magical security system gets tripped. Dean hallucinates and sees Benny in Purgatory, Sam sees Rowena, and Suzie sees her dead mother, father, and brother.  The hallucinations try to convince them to end their lives; Suzie is the only one who succeeds.  Sam comes really close by cutting his wrists to open the Box with his blood.  Dean gets an ear full from Benny, but convinces himself that he is not real and snaps out of it.
  • In the end Sam gives Rowena the Codex and shackles her. He says that when you finish decoding the Book for the cure then I will release you and kill Crowley.

Supernatural The Werther Project 02The Bad  

  • Now Sam lied to Dean twice. He lied about burning the Book, he lied about the Codex.  It is not healthy to deceive someone who wears The Mark of Cain.
  • Sam is also hiding the fact that Rowena is helping him. That’s not gonna go well!
  • Dean’s raging behavior is starting to show when he killed those six vamps without telling Sam.

Next week Castiel is seeking help from above to find Metatron, and an old family member from Castiel’s former past returns.


Supernatural S10E19 ‘The Werther Project’ recap