This week Castiel asks for Dean and Sam’s help with Claire when she gets in over her head in finding her mother.

The Good

  • This time it seems like Claire is not an angry messed up little girl anymore. Her behavior is still a little reckless, but she is able to keep her emotions in check.
  • We get to see what happened to her mother, Amelia. Apparently she is being held against her will by a Grigori, a watcher angel, for two years in which the angel was feeding on her soul.
  • Grigoris are the first angels sent to protect the humans many thousands of years ago, but they turned bad and were feeding upon the humans. So they were destroyed by Heaven, but some escaped and living on the run ever since.
  • Sam and Dean find out that Tamiel, a Grigori, is keeping Amelia at a farm in Tulsa, Ok. Sam tells Dean that he and Cass should go, and that he and Claire should hang back.  He believes that the Mark is getting worse, and Sam wants him to be nowhere near any violence.
  • Dean and Claire have some down time and go miniature golfing together. They talk about Cass and what he has done to save the world many times. Claire tries to understand why Dean goes monster hunting.  He says he likes saving and helping people.
  • Sam and Castiel find the farmhouse and Amelia is there as well. Tamiel ambushes Sam and ties him up.
  • Dean gets impatient and takes Claire with him to the farmhouse. Claire finally gets reunited with her mother, but it is short lived.  Tamiel stops the family reunion and kills Amelia.  Cass, Dean, and Sam attack him, but they are being beaten until Claire stabs him through the heart with his Angel sword.
  • Amelia is in Heaven with Jimmy.
  • Claire finally gets to reconcile with Cass and her mother, but Dean decides that she will be better off with an old friend of his, Jody Mills until she is ready to be on her own.

Supernatural Angel Heart 02The Bad

  • Why haven’t we heard of the Grigori before?
  • This episode is good one, but I felt it was a bit weak in the story arc of the Mark.
  • Is this the end of the Claire and Castiel’s storyline?


Next week the truth about the Book of the Damned is revealed to Dean and Charlie returns.  Will Dean ever trust Sam after this?


Supernatural S10E20 ‘Angel Heart’ recap