Sam is trying to decipher The Book of the Damned with the help from Charlie and Rowena while keeping Dean in the dark.  He evens asks Castiel to help make sure the two women get along and work in harmony.  The Styne family is hot on their trail and a very sad moment changes the dynamics between Sam and Dean.

Supernatural Dark Dynasty 01The Good

  • While investigating a murder of a woman in Omaha, Nebraska, the Winchesters find that one of the Styne brothers happen to be the main suspect in the woman’s murder. Strangely enough her eyes were taken after her throat is slashed.
  • Charlie and Rowena reluctantly work together trying to decipher the Book. Rowena gets into Charlie’s mind and messes around with her commitment and loyalty toward the Winchesters.  She warns Charlie that her blind loyalty and faith in them will be her undoing.
  • Crowley is searching for Rowena and gets some dirt about her from Olivette the guinea pig.
  • When the Stynes ambush Dean while getting pizza, he is able to defeat them and take one of them hostage. Eldon Styne is shackled up and Dean starts asking questions about the woman in Omaha.  He clearly admits to killing her.  He also admits to his family having a very powerful and old lineage dated back to the 1800’s.  He says their family had to change their name to hide their true family tree, Frankenstein.  Using body parts and organs, the Frankenstein’s has lived for centuries creating wars, famine, plagues, and economic and social upheaval just to make a profit.  The Book has been with them for centuries until it was lost.  With that Book they would be unstoppable.
  • Dean makes a shocking discovery that the Book is not destroyed, because it is protected by a spell. So he pieces it together that Sam has been lying to him all this time.  He is also shocked that Sam brought Charlie and Cass into this.
  • Charlie sneaks away from Castiel and Rowena because she needs alone time with her notes, but the Stynes are able to track her down. She calls Dean and Sam for help.
  • When they got to Charlie, it is too late…….SHE IS DEAD!!!!!!
  • Rowena is right. Charlie’s love and devotion to the Winchesters kills her.  But I believe she would do it again if that meant saving them.

Supernatural Dark Dynasty 02The Bad

  • I believe Sam is responsible for Charlie’s death. I know that sounds harsh, but it is the truth.
  • They haven’t made any progress in decoding the Book. The only person able to make some headway is Charlie and now she is gone.
  • Where did she download her notes to at the end of the episode?

Next week Dean is seeing red and I don’t mean the color.  I wouldn’t want to be in the way when Hurricane Dean comes in and wreaks all kinds of hell.


Supernatural S10E21 ‘Dark Dynasty’ recap