This is the last episode before the season finale and Dean is one step closer to permanently giving into the Mark.  With Charlie gone and Sam’s lies, Dean is hell bent on getting revenge for Charlie death.  He blames Sam for Charlie’s death and doesn’t him around when he goes after the ones responsible.

Supernatural the prisoner 02The Good

  • It’s a very dark episode with Dean stopping at nothing to find the Styne’s, especially Eldon, who is the one that killed Charlie
  • The ceremonial death bonfire is pretty heavy with sorrow and regret where Sam and Dean honor Charlie. Sam is useless when trying to explain his plan and motive to Dean.  All Dean could say is “shut up”, then tells Sam that it should have been him and not Charlie who got killed.  I feel for him and I would have probably said the same thing.  All the anger and frustration that Dean is feeling shows on his face.
  • Sam tells Castiel the bad news about Charlie. But Charlie is able to give Sam the answers he needs to save Dean.  Her download of the Codex to Sam’s phone is exactly what Rowena needs to crack the code of the Book. But Rowena won’t help Sam until he kills Crowley.
  • Sam honors his agreement with Rowena, but it goes south. Even when Sam shoots him and places a powerful Hex bag on him, he manages to stay alive and stronger than ever.  Crowley tells Sam to give Rowena a message.  HE IS COMING FOR HER!!
  • Dean finds the Styne’s house and gets ambushed by the family. He is placed on an operating table waiting to be cut Monroe Styne, the patriarch of the family.  But Dean gets free and kills him along with a nurse and a fellow Styne family member.
  • Cass tracks down Dean and calls Sam to tell him that he killed a lot of people and is heading back to the Men of Letters bunker.
  • Eldon Styne’s happens to be at the bunker when Dean arrives. Eldon’s intention is to take the spell books and burn the place down.  Dean stops him by shooting him in the head and killing the youngest family member as well, Cyrus.
  • Dean is stained with blood when Cass gets there. He is shocked and sadden to see Dean go down this far, especially killing a child.  He tries to stop Dean, but he is seriously overpowered by him and almost ending up killing Castiel.

Supernatural the prisoner 01The Bad

  • The Stynes are a good adversary for the Winchesters. I hope their story lasts a little longer.
  • I would have loved to see Eldon and Dean fight in the bunker. Instead he gets shot in the head.  It is way too fast.  I’m pretty sure Dean would have beaten Eldon to a pulp with the Mark on full red rage.
  • With Dean full on rage mode, Sam is going to have a very difficult chance to remove the Mark. He still plans to use the Book to save Dean, even after the death of Charlie.

Next week is the season finale and Death is knocking on Dean’s door.  He may be able to help him get the Mark off of him, but there will be price……there is always a price!!!!


Supernatural S10E22 ‘The Prisoner’ recap