Another season is finished and what a way to end it!  Dean’s behavior is on the border of comical and scary at the same time.  Rowena is able to figure out what they need to remove the Mark from Dean and an old familiar face gives Dean the skinny on the back history of the Mark and what it actually is.

Supernatural Brothers Keeper 01The Good

  • While investigating a murder case involving vampires, Dean’s attitude rubs the local police the wrong way. His apathetic cold approach toward the investigation reaches an all time high.  Another hunter, Rudy, who called him for help, is extremely uncomfortable with Dean’s behavior.  To make matters worse, he gets Rudy killed.
  • Rowena tells Sam that she would need three things in order to complete the spell, but she alters the deal with Sam. Now she wants her freedom and the Codex for her help with the spell to remove the Mark.
  • We get to dig into Rowena’s past to find one of the ingredients for the spell.
  • At an old Mexican restaurant, Dean calls upon Death for his help to remove the Mark. He tells Dean that the Mark can be removed but with a deadly cost.  He advises Dean just to transfer the Mark to another in order to keep it whole and unbroken.
  • We discover that the Mark is a lock and a key created by God to hold back something very old and unspeakably evil called The Darkness. God entrusted Lucifer to safeguard it, but when he fell from grace, he transferred it to Cain out of spite.  The Mark grew into something corruptible and malicious.  It then became a curse to those who carry it, The First Curse.
  • Castiel is able to convince Crowley to help him find the ingredients for the spell. Crowley successfully finds everything that Rowena needs, including someone from her past.
  • Unfortunately the spell requires a sacrifice. Rowena must spill the blood of someone she holds very dear and it is not Crowley.
  • Sam finds Dean with Death. Dean tells Sam the Mark has to be kept unbroken and Sam needs to die to prevent him from finding a way to remove it.  They fight, but Dean is able to defeat him.  Sam is ready to die, but Dean turns the tables and kills Death instead.
  • Rowena casts the spell that releases a bolt of lightning that travels toward Dean and successfully removes the Mark. Rowena then manages to escape with the Book of the Damned leaving Castiel and Crowley  She then puts a hex on Cass and immediately he attacks Crowley.
  • Dean and Sam walk out of the Mexican restaurant where they notice a string of violently intense lightning bolts striking the ground. Immediately a thick black cloud emerges from the ground enveloping everything in its wake.  The Darkness has been released and takes over everything.

Supernatural Brothers Keeper 02The Bad

  • This is a very good episode. I loved it!

The season finale definitely takes us for one hell of a roller coaster ride.  We finally get to know what the Mark actually is and it is already freaking me out.  It’s not demons, vampires, and monsters that terrify me. It is this black cloud storm called ‘The Darkness’ that has no substance, no identity; just pure evil, and malevolence.  This is something that the Winchesters have never encountered and they released it onto the world.  Dean was right about the Book.  EVERYTHING COMES WITH A PRICE AND BLOOD!!!!!!!


Supernatural S10E23 ‘Brother’s Keeper’ Season Finale recap