It is a Deanmon intervention on this week’s Supernatural, as they use the Ritual of Purified Blessed blood to cure Dean.  Strapped to a chair in a demon trap, Sam injects the purified blood into Dean hoping to kill off the demon juice inside him.  The process is grueling and long for Sam, but he wants his brother back.  With all the insults, degrading comments, and hurtful remarks Dean throws at him, he toughs it out.  I’ve seen Dean be a jerk before, but this time he doesn’t pull back.  In fact, Dean tells Sam that he knows about his tactics to find Crowley and him.  Supernatural Soul Survivor 02He knew that Sam talked Lester into making a deal with a crossroads demon in order to find the location of Crowley.  If you remember, Lester was that jealous husband that Dean killed in the last episode for Crowley.  Dean turns the tables on Sam and accuses him of being more of a monster than he is.  Every season, the brothers deal with the moral and ethical choices they have to make in order to keep each other alive.  They both walk a thin edge of what is right and wrong.  This is no different.

Castiel and Anna are on their way to help Sam with Dean.  They strike up conservation about what is important and what is at stake.  Anna sees Castiel as a formidable ally against the rogue angels who are determined to destroy their own kind for independence.  She also cares for him very much and doesn’t understand his loyalty towards the Winchesters.  She is concern that with so much devotion he will put his failing health at risk for them.  But she keeps quiet and helps him, because she knows how important this is to him.

Crowley is sitting on his thrown dispensing punishment to his non believers and broods around trying to remember the good times he had with Deanmon.  His followers try to cheer him up by giving him update reports of current events and whereabouts of Castiel.  Unfortunately his followers don’t know what to do with their king being this way.  One of them actually tries to offer himself as a replacement for Dean as his right hand man.  Crowley just vaporizes him.  Another demon has the courage to speak his mind about the way he is ruling Hell, big mistake.  He takes oil and pours it all over himself to prove that he can’t live in a Hell like this, so he burns himself.  Crowley pays attention to his outburst and finally knows what he has to do.

Castiel and Anna stop at a gas station and she walks into the store, only to find the attendant dead with his eyes burned out.  He walks in and finds Adeena holding a angelic knife at her throat.  She throws Anna down and attacks Castiel, throwing him outside to continue the fight.  Supernatural Soul Survivor 01She is beating the life out of him until Anna steps in and pushes her back inside.  Adeena has the upper hand until Crowley comes in and cuts Adeena’s throat and collects her grace, he then gives it to him.  He asks Crowley why, he says that Dean needs to be stopped and you need your full strength to do that.

Sam is ready to continue the cleansing of Deanmon when he realizes that he’s escaped.  Dean is loose in the bunker hell bent on killing Sam.  A cat and mouse game starts throughout the bunker, guess who the cat is and who the mouse is.  Dean is taunting him while Sam is trying to find new ways of avoiding capture.  Dean finally catches up with his brother.  Sam pulls out a big knife and places it at Dean’s throat.  He eggs Sam to go ahead and kill him, but Sam couldn’t.  Just before Dean strikes, Castiel grabs a hold of him and restrains him in a chair and straps him up.  The last of the purified blood is then injected into Dean.  The process works and Dean is back.  To make sure, Sam throws holy water and nothing happens.  Too bad, I liked Deanmon.  I was hoping to see him in at least two more episodes.  Oh well, it was a good run.  Castiel tells Sam that it is not over, that even though Dean is human again, he still has the Mark of Cain on him and that could be a problem in the future.  He tells Castiel, one problem at a time.  The last scene takes place in Tulsa Oklahoma where a red headed woman is sitting in front of a fireplace with two demons staked on the ceiling, she then smiles.

Can this woman be a new evil in town?  Is Dean really cured?  Will Castiel get his mojo back or will he be wasting more angels to get his next fix?  And I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Metatron.