The Winchesters are back…..well sort of.  Trying to take the advice from Castiel, the brothers are sitting back soaking up the sun on a couple of lawn chairs.  It doesn’t last long before Dean gets antsy and wants to do something.  Sam knows that it’s a lost cause trying to get Dean to slow down; he agrees to go on a job.  They go to investigate a series of wild animal attacks at a nearby town.  While driving toward their assignment, Sam wonders if Dean is fit to work.  Dean gets a little annoyed by Sam treating him like a recovering alcoholic, making sure he won’t fall off the “demon” wagon.  Dean reassures him that he is fine and to stop asking him.

Posing as police officers, they get a tip from the police that the local town drunk saw the killer, but then disappeared right before his eyes.  They locate this person at the bar where the murder happened, to try to get his side of the story.  The witness is not that forthcoming because of his credibility with the police for being unreliable.  So Dean decides to confess that they are not cops, just two people who can help.  The witness believes them, telling them that his friend left with a pretty blonde the other night and when he went out to see how he was doing, he finds his friend dead with his throat cut.  Supernatural Paper Moon 02He then tells them that later on that night, while driving home, he noticed the same blonde covered in blood by a nearby farmhouse staring back at him and then vanished.  Sam and Dean went out to the farmhouse and noticed a lot dead chickens and heard a voice inside the barn.  They are able to sneak up behind the person, and catch her off guard.  They realize it is Kate, a werewolf they let escape a while back!

Dean raises his gun and asks her if she is the one killing people.  She denies it, but Dean is less than convinced.  Sam takes him to the side and tries to calm Dean down.  Kate escapes and runs away.  She accidentally leaves her phone and they locate her at a local motel.  Dean is pissed and asks Sam if this is about Lester, and what happened to him.  Dean asks him why did he make Lester sell his soul, Sam lashed back and asks why did you have to kill him.  Dean finally said, because you started it.  Even though Dean is back, there is still some unresolved questions during their time apart, but they agree that now is not the time.

At the motel, they stake out Kate.  She finally emerges and heads out towards the forest.  She seems to be following a group of runners and they catch up to her.  They stop her only to find that it isn’t Kate, but someone who is also a werewolf.  Kate stops them and tells them that she is her younger sister, Tasha.  She runs away leaving Kate and the Winchesters alone in the forest.  They tell Kate that she has a lot of explaining to do.  At a local restaurant, Kate spills everything about what she went through after they decided to let her live during their last encounter.  She has been on the road trying to survive on animal hearts, and not human ones.  She went to her home where she found her sister Tasha having a normal, great life and that made her want that, but knows she can’t ever have.  She later finds out that Tasha got into a terrible accident and her condition was life threatening.  Kate had the idea of turning her into a werewolf, for the fast healing powers, and a second chance for life.  She took Tasha away from the hospital after she turned her, and told her what she has done to her.  One day, Kate finds her sister feeding on a human in her motel room.  Kate knew that she is slowly losing her, and pretends to be the real killer in the hope to clean up her mess.  Kate wants to make this right for her, because it’s her fault Tasha is in this mess. If she can’t find a solution, she keeps a silver knife in the jacket to end their suffering. Dean lies to her and says he can cure her.  After a little convincing, Kate agrees to lead them to Tasha.  Sam is a little confused as to why Dean would lie to her.  He says that they are monsters and need to be stopped.  Supernatural Paper Moon 01While driving to the cabin where Tasha is, Sam confesses to Dean that Lester was not the only human he deceived, that ever since he had to watch Dean die, it was too much for him.  Dean apologizes for everything that he has done, with Crowley and everything else.  Sam says he doesn’t ever have to apologize to him.

They come up to the cabin, Dean wakes up Kate and just as they are about to get out of the car, she is cuffed to the steering wheel by Dean.  Kate yells and screams, calling him a liar.  He explains to Kate that Tasha needs to be stopped because she took a human life.  As they start walking to the cabin, Kate begs them not to kill her, but they continue walking.  They enter the cabin to find Tasha in the bedroom.  She tells them she can’t believe her sister betrayed her.  Sam walks in first, gun drawn on her.  Dean is then apprehended by a fellow werewolf by gunpoint.  She tells Sam to drop his gun or Dean dies.  Sam drops his gun; Kate walks in and asks Tasha who are these guys.  She tells Kate that they are her new family.  She turned them to create a new pack, and she asks Kate to join her and not to run anymore.  To prove Kate is with her, Tasha tells her to take Dean’s heart and eat it.  Kate refuses, and Tasha tells her new pack to have fun with them in the other room.  Kate is alone with her sister.  She tries to convince Tasha that she doesn’t have to do this, that there is another way to survive.  Tasha insists that she loves this life and doesn’t want to change.  In the other room, Dean and Sam easily dispose of the newly turned werewolves, and walk into the bedroom to find Tasha dead and Kate gone.

On the road, Dean asks Sam if they should go after her, but Sam says I don’t know.  I’m used to having Dean making the decisions about hunting monsters, but ever since recent events the leadership role has reversed.  Trying to work out their issues, Sam tells Dean that he wants to talk about the mark and that maybe they need to rest a little bit more.  Dean says he knows what he has done and wants to go back doing some good, and not stew in his crap.  Dean’s phone rings and it is Kate.  Sam thanks her for doing what she did, but Kate tells them it she wasn’t her sister anymore.  Dean tells her if she keeps her nose clean they won’t meet again, she agrees upon that.  Dean tells Sam that he may not be ready to hunt just yet, but he is sick of doing the wrong thing.

In honor of Halloween, we deal with monsters like werewolves, but the foundation of this episode are siblings trying to look out for each other.  We all have brothers and sisters that we would do anything for and to protect them, even from themselves.  Sometimes you have to confront issues that are sensitive to one another, but when you let people in, any problems or issues can be addressed and/or resolved.  The Winchesters are a perfect example of a severely dysfunctional family, but their love and loyalty for each other is immeasurable.