A wonderful lighthearted episode with lots of humor and care, Dean and Sam go to Flint, Michigan to investigate a missing drama teacher at an all-girl’s academy. Posing as FBI agents, they find that their least favorite novel series, Supernatural, is being made into a play, even worse….a musical.  Again, their lives are being told through a very different interpretation based on the novels written by Chuck, the Prophet.  While trying to stomach watching their life unfold on stage at a girl’s school academy, Sam and Dean attempt to solve the mystery of the missing drama teacher.

Supernatural Fanfiction 01The Good

  • “There’s no singing in Supernatural!!” Dean yelled.
  • Destiel, a term used by the student director to explain the relationship between Dean and Castiel.
  • The student director, Marie, and her stage manager, May are wonderful. Their personality and attitude is a perfect match up to the Winchesters.
  • The reaction from Marie when Dean tries to tell her what happened after Sam got thrown in hell with Lucifer is priceless. She considers it to be the worst fan fiction she ever heard.
  • Since the performers are all girls, it is funny seeing the female actors dress up like Castiel, Dean, Sam, and especially Bobby, “you iggits!”
  • Marie is wonderful matching wits with Dean, plus she can sing too.
  • The Gallagher exploding monster scene that drenches the audience with purple monster body parts is hilarious, and the reaction from the audience is great also.
  • .It’s good to see Sam and Dean working together like before, it is a relief.
  • It’s good to see Chuck, if it’s only at the end of the episode; I suspect we’ll see him again in the future.
  • The play is actually good.
  • “Carry on My Wayward Son” by Kansas, is sung beautifully by the performers at the beginning of the second act of the play.

The Bad

  • The monster of the week, the scarecrow and the Goddess Caliope, is weak.
  • I would have loved to have seen Castiel there with the brothers. His reaction would have been hysterical.Supernatural Fanfiction 02

This is the 200th episode of Supernatural, and it is not slowing down any time soon.  It’s funny, and heartfelt.  By investigating this assignment, Sam is beginning to feel more comfortable with Dean and starting to feel like he has his older brother back. It’s a wonderful tribute for the ten years that Supernatural has been on the air.  It is a nice break from the heavy dark dramatic themes that were shown in the past several episodes.  To see Chuck in the last scene is a good omen, I hope.  Last time we saw him he finished his Swan Song for the Winchesters, then he disappeared.  Where did he go?  Can he help Sam and Dean with the Mark of Cain?