Finally we get to find out who the mysterious red headed demon is.  We last saw her in episode three “Soul Survivor”, where she is sitting in a chair smiling with a couple of demons impaled on the ceiling.  She’s a pretty badass and an intriguing character that gives the Winchesters a hard time to hunt.  In this episode we look at the shadier side of the demon world, where pimps use their girls to get their johns to sign over their souls for entertainment.

Supernatural Girls 01The Good

  • Rowena, a fiery red headed demon that uses witchcraft to kill demons and get whatever she desires. Her Irish accent and carefree attitude makes her the perfect thorn in the Winchester’s side.
  • Dean is on a dating app, his screen name is Impala67. Just like him, he is not looking for Ms. Right, but Ms. Right now.  I find that pretty hilarious that with all the hunting and dark situations, he would take the time to get it on using a phone dating app.  Got to admit, the women are all hot.  Too bad these women lure men to their demon pimp for their souls.
  • Dean gets lucky with one of his app escorts, Shayla, only to find out that these women are forced into prostitution with a demon pimp named Raul, in which he runs a brothel. Dean is about the kill the demon when Shayla gladly does it for him.  It is very satisfying watching this low life get what is coming to him.
  • The Winchesters are determined to bring down this brothel, when someone beat them to it, Rowena.
  • While searching for highly powerful rogue angels, Anna is surprised to find that, Caroline’s husband Joe has found her, and wants her to come back to him. Caroline is the vessel in which Anna has possessed.  She is put in a tough position.  Being with Castiel and witnessing first hand what humanity has to offer, she begins to understand what Castiel is going through
  • Crowley finds out about this red headed demon that kills her own, and plus he also finds it distasteful that his minions are using brothels to gather souls. He orders them to find this red headed demon.
  • Rowena’s magic is much darker and deadly than what the Winchesters are used to. We learn that she belongs to a great Grand Coven that categorizes witches, The Borrowers (harness demon powers), The Naturals (people who are born with it), and the Students (people with no ability, but is teachable under a mentor).  She considers herself to be a Natural, but is willing to teach some of the girls from the brothel witchcraft.
  • Cole, the military soldier who wants revenge on Dean for killing his father, finds Dean, but his timing sucks. Dean finally gets Rowena but Cole stops him, and she escapes.  They fight and Dean gets the upper hand.  He turns things around and gives Cole a chance to run away and have a life with his family.  After Dean gives Cole a hard speech about the choices we have to make and to live with them, Cole decides to end his vengeance with Dean and walks away.
  • Rowena never got too far; Crowley’s demons captured her and brought her back to Crowley. One look at her, and Crowley freezes up.  A single word came out of his mouth, “Mother?”  WOW!!!!  Didn’t know Crowley ever had parents, let alone a fiery Irish redheaded one.  This should be interesting.

The Bad

  • Anna decides to let Caroline go back to her husband, leaving Castiel alone. Watching Anna/Caroline reconcile with her husband Joe, Castiel begins to wonder about his family he left behind.  He finds that they are still searching him after all these years.  It will suck if he decides to go back to his family and leave the Winchesters.
  • I would have loved to see the relationship between Anna and Castiel grow more.
  • Dean still has some regret or residual feelings about his demon adventures and refuses to let Sam know about it. In the end it is going to end badly for one of them.Supernatural Girls 02


I like this episode.  We get to see more of this wonderful red headed demon, Rowena, and her connection with Crowley.  Anna’s story is sad, but good thing don’t always last.  Castiel and Anna are good together and I will miss that.  Sam still keeps walking on eggshells with Dean about his well being and whether Dean is totally over his demon experience.