After last week’s season premiere, many new situations were introduced to our little, ERep controlled, town of Defiance. But most of all I forgot to talk about two major characters, one new to the show and one I TOTALLY forgot about last week. Remember Tommy? Oh yeah, Nolan’s deputy and Irisa’s “ex”-boyfriend. Well Tommy got a promotion when Nolan took off on his mission to find Irisa, and Tommy was named Lawkeeper of Defiance. This week he steps back into the spotlight, but isn’t too happy about current events!

Defiance - Season 2New to the show this year is Earth Republic soldier, Jessica “Berlin” Rainer, she is played by actress Anna Hopkins (Barney’s Vision, Nikita). She is a “gung ho” believer in the Earth Republic, as we find out why this week when she tells Nolan a little bit about her past. Berlin is also a producer of propaganda films for the Earth Republic. She is a strong character and I am looking forward to seeing what effect she has on Defiance.

Speaking of Berlin, our trouble duo of Nolan and Irisa are on their way back to Defiance. Remember that last week Nolan was all about getting out of dodge and heading for Antarctica. If you recall last season, Col. Marsh was very interested in Irisa and the mysterious spaceship, so even though he’s dead, Marsh’s files still exist.  On the out skirts of the city, Nolan and Irisa run into a ERep welcome wagon led by Berlin. Berlin realizes who they are, and is very skeptical about letting them past. All of that is taken care of when Irisa assaults them and she is arrested. When the two are brought into the station, Tommy is very surprised to see his old friends, yet not very happy. Nine months have passed and as he states to Irisa, he has moved on. Irisa reveals to Tommy that she has unleashed something terrible, and that she is not safe to be around others. Tommy is sympathetic and Irisa promises to show him the mines and explain everything when she gets out of jail.

Now that Stahma is in charge of her husband’s business, she is calling the shots. We first see her this week during a rather awkward bath scene involving her, Alak, and his wife Christie. Stahma makes some comments about Alak’s music business, which is cryptic and involves the family business. Christie is suspicious and worried about Alak at the same time, she does not approve that her husband is changing. In just the first two episodes we are already seeing the tragic downfall of Alak. But Stahma is not concerned about this, it is the way of their kind and she feels that it is Alak’s responsibility.

Defiance s2e2 01This week’s episode is a “who dunnit” mystery. A bomb is placed in the middle of town, at first we can assume that it is a terrorist attack against the EReps. This is an easy conclusion after last week’s events. The bomb that goes off kills three innocent citizens and is filled with a ton of bugs called a Shrill. When the Shrill get onto their victim, they eat their way into them, you can imagine the rest. So what happens? Nolan is tasked with tracking down the culprit. Amanda backs this, proposing that if he can find the killer, Irisa will be released from jail. Tommy of course isn’t very happy about this, but Amanda quickly puts him in his place. Nolan accepts, and the Mayor tells him that he has not filed Irisa’s arrest papers yet and he has twenty-four hours to find the killer. So the hunt begins.

Defiance s2e2 05Datek is getting very nervous about being in prison, so he and Doc Ywell have come up with a plan to get them out. It involves getting someone to murder the Mayor when he comes to the prison. They decided to use a preacher who has landed himself in prison. Datek pretends to be a friend and the plan is set into motion. The Mayor comes to the prison with an agenda of his own. He is curious about Irisa, and why her file was closed by Col. Marsh. They Mayor summons the doc and after he doesn’t get the answers he want, cuts her finger off. When she gets out of the interrogation room, the time for the trap has arrived. Datek is not concerned about Doc’s finger, once again reinforcing the kind of character he is. He gives the Preacher the weapon and the assassination attempt is on! But what does Datek do? He steps in and saves the mayor, killing the Preacher! What a plan, right?! But of course being the proud man he is, when the Mayor is suspicious of his actions, Datek reveals his motives. Unfortunately the outcome isn’t what he expects. Earlier in the episode, we see the Mayor approach Stahma in the market place. He talks to her about the Blue Devil and that he wants the supply brought to him. Stahma agrees, but what we see here is that the Mayor is making a partnership with the new head of the Tarr family business. But he also has his own motives as well. Remember that Amanda has been addicted to something lately, maybe this is it, and the Mayor has been watching her. Creepy. So keeping Datek in jail is both profitable both parties.

Defiance s2e2 02Nolan’s hunt for the killer takes him to the mines where he meets up with Rafe McCawley. They talk about uprising and why the bomb would have been placed. After some detective work, Nolan and Rafe talk to Joseph (the guy who;s father and brother were killed last week) and at first he doesn’t want to cooperate. He believes that the ERep got what they deserved. But when they tell Joseph that it was innocents that were killed, he decided to tell them who it was. This of course is some random character who I can’t even find his name in a Google search so I’m going to call him the suspect. I think his name is Whiddle or Wittle,, whatever it doesn’t really matter. This guy is a frequent at the NeedWant so Nolan goes there to wait. Of course this is a perfect situation for Amanda and him to catch up, and they do. Then the suspect comes in and the chase begins! In the street Nolan runs right into Berlin, who then helps him. The suspect gets away, but Berlin has cameras everywhere so she tells Nolan there’s hope. In this scene we see the reactions of the people when they realize that Nolan is back in town. Nolan is still heavily affected by his mistake when he killed that kid last season. He really feels like he doesn’t belong and that noone wants him there.

The next scene is one of my favorites of the episode. We learn more about Berlin and her backstory and why she supports that ERep so much. But she also lets Nolan have it, as she compares him to Han Solo and calls Irisa his “sexy Chewbacca”, love it! The dynamic between the two characters is great and I can’t wait to see how this evolves over the season. The cameras reveal that the suspect ducked into Skevur’s home, so the duo head on over to take care of business. After a rather brutal interrogation, Skevur gives up and tells Nolan that it was him. But there’s another bomb! Then we realize exactly who the first bomb was meant for, Stahma! In revenge for last week’s beating, Skevur has decided to take her out. The second bomb has been placed on the bottom of her limo, and there is little time to get there to stop it! Of course Nolan and Berlin get there just in time and he diffuses the bomb, saving everyone! So now what does Nolan hear from the crowd? Praise and thanks as everyone is happy to see their hero back. Nolan is offered the job of Lawkeeper by the Mayor but he refuse, so Amanda tries. He says “he’ll think about it”. Earlier Amanda promised Nolan that when he was done with the case she would make it worth it, and she does. The two finally hook up, but they are not alone. The Mayor is watching, creepy. This is going to be a major plot point this season so I am looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

Irisa is released from prison, so she goes to see Tommy. We then are shown why he said he has moved on. Irisa sees Berlin and him making out in the street, looks like another love triangle! You really can’t blame the guy when she just disappeared! This will only fuel the fire between Berlin and Irisa, after their rocky start this episode.

Defiance s2e2 03Alak, poor Alak. Now that they know that Skevur planned on murdering Stahma, she calls for revenge. Of course she expects Alak to take care of business, and he does. He goes to where Skevur is being held and kills him. I think it is said to see this character taking such a fall. Looks like Alak will have to make some major decisions when it comes time this season. I am looking forward to what happens when Datek gets out of prison!

This week was a really strong episode. I have read that people felt that the season premiere was a little rocky, but I disagree. It’s not easy showing what has happened in 9 months time over a period of an hour. There is a lot of foreshadowing of what’s to come regarding the ERep occupation, remember the symbol in the mines that means “Rise Up”, and as Rafe states, the ERep is in too deep for an uprising to end in bloodshed. Nolan’s return can only give the people more hope, but we will see what happens if he takes the Lawkeeper position. Season 2 is off to a strong start and I can’t wait until Thursday!

Next Episode: “The Cord and the Ax”

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