San Diego Comic Con had a ton of Geekly News this past weekend, and we wanted to highlight some of the best here for you Towelites. Below there is a list of some of the great things we’ve heard from the Comic Con floor, and it looks like it continues being a great time to be a geek!

Edge of Tomorrow 

We haven’t really reported much on Tom Cruise’s, All You Need is Kill. Well, the title has changed to Edge of Tomorrow and it comes out next year. It follows the story of aliens attacking the Earth, with Cruise and Emily Blunt having to take them on. Here are some posters from the film. The film opens June 6th, 2014.

Neil Gaiman’s, Sandman: Overture

Neil Gaiman’s, Sandman, has been going since 1996. Yet, the extremely popular comic character is coming back in October in Sandman: Overture. Below you can see Gaiman talking about his return to form.

James O’Barr’s Crow Reboot

With Luke Evans talking on the role of Eric Draven, and principal photography starting early next year, creator James O’Barr is happy to see where his Crow reboot is going. Below, we have a teaser poster from the upcoming film.


Dead Rising 3: Zombie Apocalypse Evolved

The Dead Rising series is a Capcom game that’s fun and fast-paced game about taking on zombies, usually wearing garish costumes. The third game is getting a grittier look, while still keeping the humor and weapons customization. The game designers have a talk about the new direction below.

300: Rise of an Empire

I’ve always been a fan of the first 300 film, and look forward to what Noam Murro will do with the sequel. Here’s some of the fact that we learn about the upcoming sequel. The film is expected for early 2014.

  • Rise of an Empire takes place at the same time as the first 300 film
  • Xerxes is only doing what his dad had planned for him, to take over the world. He’s not a bad guy, just following his legacy
  • The naval battles will set it apart from being a rehash of the firs film
  • When shooting the naval balance, they had to use the illusion of water, since there was none
  • Zach Snyder is producing the film, so he’d be on set to help out, but stepped away and gave Murro freedom to do what he wanted
  • Filming has wrapped, but the post-production is still going


godzilla-comic-con-poster-2013-mondo-variant Godzilla is one of the films in 2014 that I’m most excited about. I have always loved the character, and to see another giant monster movie on the big screen, well, it fills me with geekly pride. Below are some take-aways from the SDCC panel, as well as a look at the new poster. Can’t wait to see this one!

  • Filming wrapped only 3 days ago
  • Gareth Edwards tried to shoot the movie like an “art house” film, even though it’s massive in scale
  • Edwards faced enormous pressure with the film, and needed to find the balance between the humans and Godzilla
  • They put the humans at the heart of the Godzilla story. Instead of making it two separate “stories”
  • Edwards said they worked closely with Toho, and that this would be a companion piece to the Toho films
  • The preview showed off a bunch of monsters that were more insect-like, kind of like the Cloverfield monster. The army is attacking them, until you see a giant foot come down and a towering body of Godzilla behind one of the monsters, dwarfing it in comparison. No shots of the face, but from the body, he was definitely Godzilla