Amongst all the movie stars and trailers and maybe a little bit comics, San Diego Comic Con is about TOYS. I compiled pictures of some of the best of the Con. We have a look at Walking Dead, Predator, Walking Dead, and much more! Check out the great stuff below!

Here’s a look at a few pieces from The Walking Dead. I’m a big fan of that super-articulated Daryl Dixon.


We have some of the highlights from the comic-book toys. Classic X-Men, The Killing Joke, and my favorite, Old Man Logan.

We have a couple of Predator figures below that include Heat Vision Dutch and a great face-off set!

Finally, a mix of everything. We have some Star Wars, some Blade, and even some Silent Hill. NECA also teases at Planet o the Apes figures for next years Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Can’t wait!