We’ve been fans of McFarlane Toys for as long as he’s been making action figures. I can remember getting that first Spawn figure with the bat with a nail in it. Later down the road he created the Movie Maniacs line, which were highly articulated and sculpted representations of the most recognizable Horror Villains. Needless to say that when the line came out, I bought them all and still to this date they remain a part of my collection.

Throughout the years, McFarlane has been an innovator in the action figure and collectible market, with no signs of stopping! He’s one of the only toy manufacturers, out there today, that makes figures which LOOK EXACTLY like the characters they are meant to represent and with his Walking Dead, Sports figurines, and video game franchises like Halo; he’s continuing to dominate the market.

 The Walking Dead

First up are the amazing new building sets!


Before the apocalypse, prison was a place where freedom was taken; but for the Atlanta survivors, it’s the place that restores their sense of freedom and safety from the hordes of the undead. While the fences keep the walkers at bay, additional defenses are installed to further protect survivors’ entrances and exits while scavenging for food and supplies. Utilizing the dense woods nearby, large staked barrier proved to be an effective way to slow down walkers and provide safe passage.

SRP: $14.99


• Includes two stake barriers

• Contains two male herd walkers and one female walker

• Two walkers can be impaled on barrier spikes

• Figures feature articulation at main joints

McFarlane TF 2015 90



After being shot on duty and falling into a coma, Rick Grimes awakens to find himself in a hospital bed with no one in sight. Alone, weak and disoriented, Rick stumbles through the Hospital looking for any signs of life. Upon reaching the boarded and locked up cafeteria doors, it is quite apparent to Rick that this is not the same world he once knew: Don’t Open! Dead Inside!

Recreate one of the most iconic scenes from AMC’s hit television series The Walking Dead with the new Atlanta Hospital Doors building set!


• Rick Grimes in his hospital gown

• Hospital Corpse Body

• Cafeteria doors

• Debris and partial hospital hallway


Rick Grimes spent plenty of time down in the Prison’s boiler room during season 3 of AMC’s The Walking Dead includingthe scenes of his daughter Judith’s birth and the tragic death of his wife, Lori. After learning Lori died while giving birth to Judith, Rick storms inside the prison to take out his grief on the walkers. In the boiler room, Rick discovers a fat, lethargic walker sitting where his wife’s corpse should be. After killing the walker…again, Rick begins to be haunted by the imaginary cries of a baby and a ringing phone.

Fans can now recreate this emotional scene between Rick, a walker and a phone!

SRP: $19.99
Details: Closed Box, 150 Pieces


• Highly-detailed and accurate scene environment

• Includes boiler, piping and valves

• Workshop bench and accessories, including the legendary phone

• Contains Rick Grimes and Gorged Walker figures

• Each figure has foot “c” clamp to lock onto building set pieces

• Figures feature articulation at main joints

McFarlane TF WD 3


Vehicles can be a useful tool during an apocalypse…assuming they still have gas.

During the third season of AMC’s The Walking Dead, a group of National Guardsmen used several vehicles, including a camouflage military trucks, to escape their base which was being overrun with Walkers Unfortunately, The Governor and several Woodbury survivors relieved the soldiers of their trucks and found numerous practical uses for them including: picking up walkers from the pit traps and attacking nearby survivors at a prison. Now that Woodbury has fallen, collectors can stake ownership of this versatile truck and determine if it will be used for good or evil!

SRP: $39.99
Details: Closed Box, 372 pieces

• Functioning wheels and door
• Functioning walker net and crane
• Detailed accents such as mud flaps and wood paneling

• Contains Shumpert figure and netted Walker figures

• Each figure has foot “c” clamp to lock onto building set pieces

• Figures feature articulation at main joints


No other vehicle was more iconic and notable in AMC’s The Walking Dead than Dale’s RV. Owned and operated by fan-favorite character Dale, the RV often served as a flag ship and lookout tower during the survivors’ attempts to seek shelter in the apocalyptic world. Whether surviving the explosion at the CDC in season 1 or the highway walker herd at the beginning of season 2, the RV played a pivotal role in the lives of the survivors. Although the RV and Dale didn’t survive past Hershel’s Farm, fans can relive and rebuild this iconic vehicle and owner to protect their building set figures!

SRP: $59.99-$64.99
Details: Closed Box, 484 pieces


  • Functioning wheels and door with mosquito screen
  • Two folding chairs (one with umbrella)
  • Dale with binoculars, along with RV and Feasting Walker figures
  • Each figure has foot “c” clamp to lock onto building set pieces
  • Figures feature articulation at main joints

McFarlane TF 2015 112

Here’s a smattering of additional photos from the building sets.

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The Walking Dead also has a slew of new action figures and Deluxe figures as well. I’m especially excited to see a figure for Clementine from the Telltale series!

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Medieval Spawn is getting a MASSIVE deluxe figure that looks like it’s forged from Steel! Its not, but thank Malebolgia, it looks so epic!

McFarlane TF 2015 17


The hit show from Rooster Teeth also got some love at the show with it’s collectibles for Season 1 and 2!


Master Chief and friends are back with new collectibles for Halo 4 and the upcoming Halo 5!

Assassin’s Creed

McFarlane was able to reveal new figures from the classic Ubisoft series. I love that this game franchise has this kind of longevity and McFarlane gives it some love.

That’s it for the McFarlane Toys booth! It was the thing of LEGEND and I’m very excited for these releases in 2015 and beyond. I asked about the upcoming spin-off show for The Walking Dead and if we’d see any toys from that, no word yet; but it could always happen. Thanks a ton to Courtney for being so knowledgeable and showing us around!!