Toy Fair had a ton of surprises and new collectibles that we were excited about, and amongst them was the Playmates Toys Booth! Being HUGE fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (read our recaps of the show HERE), it was great to get a tour and learn about the new products coming out this year. Check out all of the amazing figures, vehicles, playsets, and more below!

Mutations Line

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You can now recreate the mutation story of the Heroes in a Half Shell, over and over again. Transform the brothers four from pet turtles to 5.5”, fully-articulated Ninja Turtle action figures, each coming with their signature weapons and ready to fight evil everywhere!

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With Mix & Match Mutations, kids can find out how it looks if the Turtles had Metalhead’s power, Shredder’s armor, Tiger Claw’s stripes, or Splinter’s quick reaction hands. Kids can mix and match the heads, arms, legs and torsos of the fully articulated 4.5” tall action figures to create hundreds of different mutations.

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The vehicles are also Mutating as they can transform from fight to flight mode, tearing up the terrain or speeding through the skies with the Quad Rotor, which transforms from a motorcycle to a quad copter and includes exclusive Cloud Cruisin’ Leo figure. Or how about the Tri-Flyer, which transforms from an AT-3 to a jet and includes exclusive Jet Jammin’ Raph! Additionally, the Turtle Turbo Charger allows kids to transform the Turtles from speed-mode into battle-mode. The vehicle features spring-fired mutant missiles and the hood can be lifted for battle mode.

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Just as signature as the personalities of the Turtles themselves, are their weapons. The Mutations Line also takes their classic gear and transforms it all into the heroes themselves.

The biggest of all the Mutations has to be the 24″ Leonardo that transforms into a complete Sewer Lair Playset with the 24″ Leonardo Turtle to Playset!  This set provides hours of Ninja fun with nine different rooms and over 30 features, including spring activated surprises, false floors and so much more.


One of my fondest childhood memories is taking my Hot Wheels and putting them on a track that I had set up around my kitchen floor. Who could resist the exhilaration of pushing a die-cast vehicle down a plastic racetrack? Not this kid! I was super excited to see the T-Machines line that mixes my love for die-cast vehicles and playsets, with the TMNT. What’s not to love?

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The 1/50 scale vehicles are available in an assortment of single-packs, as well as 2 and 4-pack vehicle sets. Also included in the world of T-Machines is the Shell Launcher, which gives a powerful boost to all of kids’ T-Machines vehicles.

Additional vehicles in the collection include the T-Machines Sound Vehicles, which allow kids to hear the engines roar, tires squeal and their favorite Ninja Turtles scream out battle cries. Each 1/50 scale vehicle plays 10-15 different sound effects. Featuring over 30 phrases and sound effects, kids can let the party begin with another vehicle, Leo’s Audio Tuner Party Van. Kids they can push the 1/24 scale Party Van to hear Leo speak at different speeds and volumes, adjusting to how fast or slow the vehicle is pushed.  For even more fun, kids can continually push Leo back and forth to listen as he audio tunes his words.

Rounding out the line is a variety of playsets, including the Sewer Gas Station, Garage & Lair, Turtles’ Revenge and Race to the Sewer playsets. Compatible with all the T-Machines vehicles, the playsets include tunnels, lifts and other features for kids to roll and battle their vehicles.  They can also be snapped together to create a bigger T-Machines play environment.

Role Play

The only thing better than watching the Turtles, is becoming a Turtle yourself! With the new Role Play set, you can become one of the ninja masters with soft form weapons that feature classic weaponry and futurist Dimension X weapons.

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Head Droppin’ Turtles

Just like in the movies and the cartoon, we’re seeing the Turtles tuck their heads back down into their shells with the Head Droppin’ Turtles.

Half Shell Heroes Preschool Segment

Being a fan of the Turtles for as long as I have, means that I have loved them for as long as I can remember. The Half Shell Heroes is bringing our Brothers Turtle to a younger audience is is sized just right for smaller preschool hands. The collection features brighter colors, softer expressions and safe play features, allowing kids as young as three to experience open-ended imaginative play with the whole family of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles heroes and mutants.

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Extensions to the line include the introduction of new 2.5” action figure characters including Baxter Fly, Slash and Tiger Claw, as well as an assortment of new vehicles that each come with a 2.5” action figure. The line also features toys that bring fun to the tub, including Bath Tub Squirters and Bath Tub Vehicles. Young Turtle fans can even become their favorite Ninja Turtle with the new Soft Foam Electronic Talking Role Play sets and the Soft Training Shell.

The TMNT line from Playmates Toys is still going strong and it doesn’t look like they’ll be stopping anytime soon! I love the new takes on the classic toys and what they are doing with the Mutations segment and reaching out to a younger audience with their Half Shell. It is truly remarkable that the series has been going on for as long as it has been and continues to reinvent and innovate itself. As the Heroes in a Half Shell always say, “I love being a Turtle!”