This episode is sort of a stand alone story with a new threat in town.  The last episode “ Vengeance is Mine” gives us the story arc where Karai finally comes to the understanding that Splinter is truly her father, and the Shredder has been lying to her all her life.  It was a bittersweet reunion only to end up where Karai is mutated into a serpent like creature.  It was heartbreaking to see father and daughter reunite only to be ripped apart once again by Shredder.  The season premiere of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles gives a short follow up to the last episode of Season One.  The turtles and their human friends; April O’Neil and Casey Jones, are on the search for Karai, hoping to bring her home.  Their search is interrupted when they witness a break in at the museum by their old foe, The Purple Dragons.  But the Dragons are not alone; they are accompanied by a powerful Chinese spirit named Ho Chan.  They’ve become magically enhanced by Ho Chan.  He gave them the power of wind, thunder, and lightning. You probably remember a small 1986 flick “Big Trouble in Little China”.  It stars James Hong as the wonderfully evil David Lo Pan.

The villain in this episode is the spitting image of the films villain, Lo Pan. Ho Chan’s outfit, his henchman, and even his agenda mirror the characters in the movie with just a little bit of difference.  TMNT A Chinatown Ghost StoryJames Hong uses his voice performance to bring Ho Chan to life.  His maniacal laugh and his devilish sense of humor raise the episode to a level of sheer heaven. Ho Chan sees that the Purple Dragons are not worthy of these powers and strips them of it.  His plan to use April and her friend Irma to break the curse bestowed upon him are thwarted by the turtles.  Unfortunately, Ho Chan uses Raph, Leo, and Mikey to become his henchman.  Raph became the power of thunder, Leo became the power of lightning, and Mikey became the power of wind.  It was cool watching them in action.  With their oversized hats, they bring havoc to the rest of the turtle/human gang.  It brought back wonderful memories of the fight scenes in the film, Big Trouble in Little China.  Donnie and Casey Jones came up with a plan to save their green brothers and rescue April and Irma. Casey uses the Turtle cannon from the T-Van by shooting large pizza pies at the elemental turtle henchmen.  His hope is to break the hold on their friends from the evil Ho Chan by letting the aroma of the pizza awaken the turtles, it worked.  In the meantime, Ho Chan takes the girls and starts sucking their life force so that he can become flesh again. He almost accomplishes his task only to be interrupted by Donnie and Casey.  A fight ensues with Ho Chan, Donnie and Casey.  The fight doesn’t go well for Donnie and Casey, until April finds the magical dagger on Ho Chan’s robe.  She grabs it and sticks it into Ho Chan, where he magically disappears into the blade.  Donnie takes the blade and throws into the Hudson River.

Leaving the theater from watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the big screen, my nerd and geek intelligence just dropped drastically low.  I needed a huge pick me up.  Bringing back the turtles to the small screen is something I really need.  Even though this episode didn’t have the familiar recurring characters; Shredder, the Krang, and even Splinter, it is hundred times better than the film.  I needed that so much.  I didn’t care if they used parts of an old eighties film to tell a story, I loved it.  Now my nerd and geek inside me is full again.  Thank you!!  Can’t until the next episode.  Booyakasha!!!!!!!!