This week’s episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles goes back to familiar territory, the Krang and Dimension X.  Their at it again; planning another invasion of Earth.  This time their glowing slimy fluid of mutagen is perfected.  Leatherhead, whose one of my favorite mutated character is back.  Being chased by the Krang in Dimension X, he was able to send a communiqué to the turtles before he gets captured.

We see the turtles watching their favorite space show and coincidentally it is an episode that deals with wormholes and space dimensions.  Mikey accidentally breaks the VCR and tape.  He goes to Donatello hoping that he can fix the tape, when he knocks over a small device on the floor.  A triangular shape forms in the middle of Donnie’s lab.  Donnie recognizes it as a portal to Dimension X.  The Krang’s communication device then gets activated.  An image of Leatherhead appears and delivers the message.  Mikey is elated and shocked that Leatherhead is alive.  But he is very worried that he is in danger.  The turtles decide to go to Dimension X to save Leatherhead, but they decide to leave Mikey out of the mission.  They believe that he has been becoming clumsier recently.  He is offended by that and jumps into the portal before the guys try to stop him.  The rest of the gang then follows him.  Dimension X is a real trip.  Everywhere you look, there are broken and floating places with buildings and structures on them.  TMNT Into Dimension XThere are no bridges connecting between them.  The physical property acts differently in this realm.  Donnie was so amazed by this place that he didn’t realize he was walking right off the edge, only to be standing underneath the ground.  Gravity is somewhat different in this place as well.  They start there search by jumping to another floating platform.  They confront a huge rock/worm monster that starts attacking them.  Their fighting skills do nothing to beat this creature.  All of a sudden Mikey appears.  He is wearing a strange head mask and starts attacking the creature with sound.  The gang is shocked and in awe that he was able to fight this large monster by himself and win.  Leo asks him how long has he been here.  He thinks it is probably a few months.  But that is strange, because the gang just entered the portal a few minutes ago right after Mikey went in.  Donnie thinks that the time temporal is different in this place.  They watch Mikey in action with great admiration and disbelief.  His use of his crazy fighting skills makes him the better fighter in this dimension.  I liked the fact that Mikey finally becomes the strong, confident fighter I knew he could be.  But unfortunately he had to go a mad, crazy dimension to prove that.  They finally reach a facility where Leatherhead is being held captive.  Two huge rock monsters, both fire and ice, defend the building.  Mikey uses his nutty skills to defeat the monsters.  Inside the building, they reach the cell where Leatherhead is being held and frees him.  They go down to the hall and reach the central command room.  Donatello goes to the mainframe and figures out that Leather head is correct.  The Krang has perfected the mutagen.  This means imminent danger for Earth.  They decide they must destroy all the portals in the room and destroy the facility where millions of Krang soldiers are being created.  A fight breaks out between the Krang, the Turtles and Leatherhead.  Donatello’s having trouble finding a way to shut the portals down but Mikey uses his wacky skills and successfully shuts down all but one portal.  They leave through the one portal to Earth, and the facility is destroyed.  Mikey saves the day.

In all his childish behavior and clumsy antics lies beneath a very capable and strong fighter.  I can relate to Mikey more than the other turtles.  This episode is great because it gives Mikey a chance to prove himself that he is just not another clumsy teenager.  I always enjoy watching him grow and react to the real world.  A storm is coming, again.  This time the turtles need all the skills and support to confront this new but old threat.  The Krang are back!