It feels like forever between episodes, but I’m glad it’s back.  This episode picks up where we left off in the previous one.  Steranko and Anton Zeck failed in their mission to bring back Karai for Shredder and is about to pay the ultimate price, to become mutants.  The birth of Beebop and Rocksteady is born.  The Turtles fall back to their makeshift hideout to gather a new plan to find Karai and return her back to human form.

It’s good to see that Mikey’s newly discovered favorite cartoon show that he watched back at April’s farmhouse has carried over into the city.  The generic copy of ‘Crognard the Barbarian’ is a tribute to my favorite Saturday morning cartoon to ‘Thundar the Barbarian’ with a little salute to ‘He-Man’.  While Mikey enjoys his show, Donnie is able to make three doses of the retro mutagen to help with the search for Karai.  The team splits up in three teams of two.  Donnie and April, Casey and Raph, and Mikey and Leo, all head throughout the city looking for the clue that Karai has given them last time Leo saw her, Comet.  Little do they know that Steranko and Zeck are hot on their trail under the orders of Shredder to find her. TMNT Pig Rhino 02Unfortunately, they have other plans.  They want to exact revenge on the Turtles for causing Shredder to mutate them.  Zeck and Steranko are able to find them and subdue them and take them to the Coney Island Comet Amusement Park where Leo and Mikey are there searching for Karai.  They are able to locate Karai in the funhouse, but can’t seem to talk reason with her.  Her mind is slowly slipping away. Her human side is fading and the animal instinct is starting take over.

Steranko and Zeck fight Leo and Mikey, but their mutated strength is too strong for the Turtles.  While Leo is trying to free his brothers, April and Casey, from within Steranko’s truck, Mikey distracts Steranko and Zeck by official giving them mutant names.  It is rather funny watching them disapprove every nickname that Mikey dubs them.  But he stops at a commercial logo on a truck and confidently names them Beebop and Rocksteady.  Zeck is disgusted by the name Beebop, but Steranko kind of likes Rocksteady.  The Turtles fight the newly mutated mutants for the retro mutagen that can save Karai.  Only one dose is left, after the other two were destroyed or dispersed.  The fight with Rocksteady, Beebop and the Turtles is pretty cool to watch.  TMNT Pig Rhino 01I love the fact that when Beebop uses a famous line from the film, The Warriors, we are witnessing a more crazy and neurotic Beebop compared to the eighties version.  They use most of the amusement park rides and attractions as their battleground, but in the end the Turtles defeat them.  Leo finds Karai and sprays the retro mutagen but nothing happens.  Donnie tries to explain to him that Karai is not just any mutant, she is special.  It is a sad and bittersweet farewell for them and Karai, but Leo swears he won’t stop until he finds a way to save her.  She tells them thank you and farewell, and slithers away into the river.  The last scene is of Karai hunting for food when a cage falls upon her and is taken to Shredder by Beebop and Rocksteady.

In this episode, we get to see our favorite mutated evil duo from the eighties return to the series.  Their look is fresh and very cool, and very exciting to watch when fighting the Turtles.  I’m pretty sure that the story of Karai is far from over, and I hope that the Turtles are able to save her in time; she needs redemption and a happy ending.  Next week is a full hour and looks like the Turtles are finally fighting back to take back New York with some help from old friends.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S3E11 “The Pig and the Rhino” recap