The turtles are still hiding in the countryside at April’s house.  Everybody is trying to regain normalcy back into their lives.  Leo is improving everyday, Raph is training harder than ever, Mikey is enjoying his new cartoon show and still fumbling as farmer joe.  Even though Donnie is beginning to think it is a hopeless battle for April’s affection and Raph’s pessimistic attitude towards it, he still tries to believe in hope.  He presented her with a music box he made with his picture taped on it.  April accepted it with a not so great response.

Trying to boost morale, Leo decides to use the woods as training grounds for his brothers.  He comes up with a game that resembles hide and seek.  He hopes that this exercise will help his brothers’ blow off the frustration and boredom that comes with living in the countryside.  TMNT s3e2 01They are excited about this and start the training.  While running through the exercise, they stumble upon a large hairy creature.  Thinking that they are under attack, they go on the offensive and attack the creature.  Donnie recognizes it as the missing link, Bigfoot.  He also sees that the creature is injured, he tells the others to stop.  Donnie is able to convince Bigfoot to come with them to the house and mend its’ wounds.  Unaware that they are not alone, a dark figure follows them and watches them from afar.  Casey is not thrilled with the idea of having Bigfoot in the house, but because it is April’s house she welcomes it and bandages its’ wounds.  It reminds me of Harry and the Hendersons, but with mutant turtles.  Days go by and Bigfoot has become an annoying guest, but the turtles endure it.  Later the turtles find out that Bigfoot is a female and is attracted to Donnie for accepting her into his home.  The brothers take that as sign to give Donnie a hard time.  Donnie feels really uneasy about that, but tries to be polite.  Raph mentions that April must feel the same way when Donnie tries to impress her.

When Bigfoot overhears Leo and Casey talk about her in an unflattering way in the barn, she is hurt and runs into the woods.  The turtles run after her only to be trapped by the mysterious figure that has been watching them.  TMNT s3e2 02He calls himself The Finger, by the deformation of his pinky, and the fashionable necklace made up of fingers. He claims to be the greatest Bigfoot hunter of all time, and has been tracking her down for a long time.

With skill and ingenuity, the turtles escape from his trap and defeat The Finger.  He was about to kill Bigfoot, when he finds out that he is a she, and he never kills a female.  Bigfoot notices that and finds compassion for the hunter.  Oddly they walk away together embracing each other.  Donnie looks at them and has a revelation.  He confronts April and tells her that after what he witnessed with Bigfoot, he understands that he made her feel awkward every time he tries to show his affection to her.  She looks at him and understands that he is mutant, but he is her mutant, and kisses him on the cheek.  Now more than ever, Donnie is bewildered.

It is uncertain how long the turtles will be in hiding at April’s country house, but I enjoy watching them try to live a normal life out there.  I hope they go back to the city.  I miss Shredder, Splinter, and Karai.