A very weird episode this week, we meet an army of mutant frogs, led by Attila.  We see characters with names like Napoleon Bonafrog, Ghenghis, and Rasputin.  Taken from the film Napoleon Dynamite, a very skinny frog who acts and talks like the laid back, slow talking high school weirdo in the film, befriends Mikey in the woods.

Mikey gets fed up with how his brothers, especially Raph, treat him and decides to runaway.  Taking a box of frozen pizza wrapped up in a handkerchief tied to a stick, he walks out and stumbles upon Napoleon.  They get into a fight where Mikey kicks Nap’s butt.  But shortly after the fight they begin to realize that they have more in common with each other than being adversaries.  They both are treated with little to no respect among their families.  Napoleon invites him to stay at his home, Mikey happily agrees.  He finally finds someone who understands him.  The frog tree house is awesome.  It reminds me of the Ewok’s home on Endor.  It is a multilayered tree with a throne room where the leader sits, Attila.  Immediately Attila is shocked to find Napoleon returning with an outsider.  TMNT The CroakingGhenghis, Attila’s military general is threatened by Mikey, but Nap defends him.  Rasputin, Attila’s advisor agrees with Ghenghis, that he is a threat and should be kicked out of the tree house.  Mikey tries to explain that he is not and explains that he ran away from his turtle brothers and his human friends.  Immediately, Attila is angered by this news that humans are nearby.  He tells the story of how humans took over their forest by tearing it down and building homes and cities in their place.  He vows revenge on all humans.  Ghenghis agrees and begins an attack on April’s home to liberate the turtles and destroy the humans.

Back at April’s home, Raph is scolded by her for being too hard on Mikey.  Donnie finds out that a series of reptile attacks that look like the mutant frogs have stormed a number of human campsites around the forest.  They go out to investigate, but are stopped in front of the house by Ghenghis and his army, and April and Casey are taken by them.  Raph, Donnie and Leo go after them.  They find the tree house and try to save their friends.  A fight ensues between the frogs and the turtles.  Mikey and Napoleon join in but they fight with the turtles.  During their battle, a fire breaks out and the tree house catches on fire.  Napoleon and Gheghis fight while the fire is raging.  With Mikey’s training, Napoleon beats Ghenghis and they all escape the burning tree.  Attila is taken aback when April and Casey save him from certain death.  He understands that not all humans are bad and thanks them, he even appoints Napoleon the new general leaving Gheghis to take orders from Nap.

With all the episodes that I have watched, this is probably the nuttiest and fun loving episode.  Seeing two kinds of amphibian species fight one another, I felt like I was watching War of the Mutant Swamp Creatures.  It is nice to see Mikey find a new friend, even though he didn’t stay long.  The mutagen is still out there, so I gather there will be more mutated adventures in the near future.