It’s like watching Nightmare on Elm St Turtle style.  The Turtles have fallen into a dream state where they are being chased and terrorized by very creepy beavers.  April and Casey are the only ones unaffected, and must uncover why their Turtle friends can’t wake up.

Low on supplies and food, April and Casey take a drive into town to a local food store owned by a very creepy owner, Bernie.  The store looks like it hasn’t been shopped at for quite a while, because the upkeep is negligible; there’s dust everywhere and the merchandise looks like it hasn’t moved for ages.  TMNT in dreams 02However, owner claims he bought the place recently because he wanted to a quiet life in the country.  While walking around the shop, Casey couldn’t help but poke his nose in the back of the shop.  He notices a book with a title handwritten in Latin, “OBTURACULUM SOMNIORUM”.  Immediately, Bernie gets angry and tells him not to touch it.  Red flags start to rise in the back of Casey’s mind.  Just when April and Casey start to leave with their supplies, Bernie starts to get suspicious about the amount of supplies they bought.  He asks them if they are with a larger group or just them to.  Casey lies and tells him that it is just them.  Bernie is relieved about.  The mystery thickens with the behavior of the shop owner and the Latin titled book.

Meanwhile, the Turtles are having their nightmares custom made for each of them.  In each of their nightmares, the places they are in fit their personalities and characters.  Mikey is in some sort of candyland with talking candy pieces and a large child like beaver that wants to play ball with him.  Leo is being chased through the woods by a large aggressive beaver that wants Leo to feel only pain.  Raph is being attacked by a large red beaver with a bunch of snakes holding him down and heavy metal is being played in the background.  Donnie is being chased through the city by a purple beaver that won’t stop until he is dead.  I guess you can gather who the antagonist is in all these dreams are.

April and Casey get home to find all the Turtles sleep and their vitals are getting worse.  Casey realizes that Bernie might have something to do with this.  They go back to the shop and confront the owner.  Bernie attacks them with a chainsaw.  After he is subdued by Casey, he spills the beans.  He is actually a physicist that specializes in dreams.  His experiment with dreams somehow unlocked a dimension where these beaver like creatures lived.  He considered them very dangerous and found out they are stuck in the dream world, if they ever got out, it would mean certain doom for the world.  TMNT in dreams 01That is where the book comes in, in Latin OBTURACULUM SOMNIORUM means Dream Plug, and it is holding these Dream Beavers from the escaping.  He has been guarding this book and keeping himself awake for forty years to stop the beavers from entering in his dreams.

Using her special powers, April tries to communicate with the Turtles.  She successfully communicates to them and tells them to wake up.  By helping them, the Turtles are able to find each other and battle the Dream Beavers together.  But their strength and might is no match for forty years of dream experience by the Dream Beavers.  In the real world, the turtles’ life signs are fading because the Beavers are taking their life force, so Casey did the only thing he can think of, smash open the Dream Plug and free the Beavers.  His decision saves the Turtles, but released the Beavers.  Hilariously, the outcome is somewhat unexpected.  In the dream world, the Dream Beavers are huge and powerful, but in the real world, reality sets in and their appearance shrinks to the size of small cats. They realize they are outmatched so they vanish in a purple cloud of smoke.

It’s a pretty good episode this week, but I enjoyed last weeks better.  The Dream Beavers are more comical than scary and not very intimidating either.  For the first time we get a short glimpse of what is outside from April’s house.  I wish I could have seen more of the town and its people.  It’s interesting that the first local April and Casey meet, happens to be someone hiding a secret, I wonder what other surprises the local town has to offer, we shall see.