It’s Duel meets Christine meets Maximum Overdrive with a splash of mutagen to spice things up in this adrenaline pumping episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!  Casey, Donnie, and April are on their way back from the grocery store, when a super charger nearly forces them off the road.  Determined to find this speed demon, Casey rebuilds an old hot rod from the barn and heads out with Donnie to find this charger.  After driving awhile, the speed demon finds Casey and challenges him to a race.  He realizes that a mutant is driving the car, and a pretty ugly one at that.  Casey is no match for the speed demon and drives back with his tail between his legs.

Donnie and Casey are in the barn trying to improve the hot rod for the next encounter with mutated speed demon.  This time Donnie comes up the idea that they use Krang technology to enhance the car with artificial intelligence.  Because it is a barn with animals, there would be clucking guests poking their feathered beak into places that don’t belong.  An innocent chicken finds its way into a bottle of the mutated mutagen gasoline that is left by the speed demon.  TMNT Race Demon 01You know the rest, and with Mikey’s wacky imagination and name honoring method, we have a mutant dubbed Dr. Cluckingsworth.  Apparently the mutation didn’t morph the fowl into a hideous beast, but enlarged its cranium and intelligence.  To Casey and Donnie’s good fortune, Dr. Cluckingsworth has the mental ability to communicate and interpret the Krang technology for the Turtle Racer (dubbed by Casey).  Making Dr. Cluckingsworth co-pilot, the Turtle Racer is ready to meet head on with the speed demon.  Donnie, Casey, and the fowl feathered doctor are on the move to find and once for all bring down the speed demon.  The rest of the gang is playing follow the leader with the Triple Threat tracking down the mutant car.  The speed demon finds them and the race begins.  A reference to “playing chicken” with the car from hell is hilarious when you have a fowl sitting behind in the backseat clucking away with resentment about that.

While driving the T-Racer, Casey is able to pull beside close enough for Donnie to reach in and pull the driver out o the car, only to there surprise is that the driver is not the mutant but the actual car…is.  The mutant car drives away leaving the human victim, alone with Donnie and Casey.  The human gets freaked out when sees a giant turtle standing over him.   The mutant car needs a driver, so it swallows Donnie and mutates him into an adrenaline mutated freak, and I mean that literally.  His appearance has changed so much that it is hard to recognize Donnie.  Casey challenges Speed Donnie to a winner takes all race, Donnie accepts.  Speed Donnie and Casey begin their race with the rest of the gang following them.  It is a thrilling ride watching these two characters zipping down the highway.  While driving the T-Racer, Casey is able to give control to Dr. Cluckingsworth and attempt to pull Donnie out of the mutant car.  It is a tough challenge for Casey, so he uses the mutated fowl’s radiated egg to boost the car’s speed and performance, he is able to save Donnie.   Just when the mutant car is ready to attack them, the other Turtles in their Volkwagon hippy wagon, push the car over the ledge and  explodes in midair before hitting the ground.

First, I would like to point out that it is funny to see the Turtles enjoy another cartoon that resembles a popular eighties cartoon show that I love, Thundar the Barbarian.  In the city, it was a cartoon similar to Voltron, and now it is Thundar.  Hopefully, if they do have another season, I look forward to see what other cartoon they’ll be honoring; I hope it is GI Joe, or the Thundercats.  I’m glad Casey got to show more of his heroic side.  His attitude and personality is cool and entertaining to watch.  It would have been better if the enhanced hot rod be named the T-Rod (Turtle Hot Rod).  But I liked the hot rod and all its trimmings.  Dr. Cluckingsworth (good job Mikey) is a great asset to the group, I hope the good doctor pops its feathered head again in further episodes.  It would be really funny if they covered its head with a towel and made him look like a chicken with a turban, the exposed pulsating brain is a little gross.  Good episode, lots of excitement, and a cool looking chicken mutant, kudos to Casey for saving the day.