The heroes in a half shell have returned to the City the Never Sleeps to take it back from the Krang and Shredder.  They enhanced Casey’s party wagon with retrofitted armory only the turtles know how.  Leaving behind Dr. Cluckingsworth and April’s farmhouse, the newly vamped Turtle Party wagon heads back.

Their first look at the city is pretty dismal.  A wall with Krang controlled army soldiers hold back anybody who enters.  The party wagon crashes back into the city and drives toward the turtle’s lair.  TMNT NYC 02They notice that the streets are deserted with only Dimension X crystallized formation sticking out from the ground.  But April uses her mental powers to inform them that there people around, but only a few hundred humans left scattered all over the city.

Their first priority is to find Splinter.  But when they do find Splinter, he is nothing but a wild feral rat fighting off Krang soldiers.  He doesn’t recognize them.  The Krang, and the Foot bots are all over the city and sewers.  Splinter gets taken by the foot bots to Shredders lair.  Shredder wants Baxter Stockman to restore Splinter’s mind so that he can destroy him with his mind intact.  The turtles follow Splinter to Stockman’s lab, and was about to rescue him when Baxter activated his bodyguards, the Shredder mutants.  They have the armor of Shredder but the bodies of mutated monsters.  TMNT NYC 02The turtles try to fight them while April uses her powers to try to reach Splinter mind and restore it.  It works and Splinter kicks the Shredder Mutants butt.  The turtles found their master.  It is a reunion long time deserved.  They escape in the party wagon, and look for a new lair, since their old one is overrun by Krang.  Ironically they end up in a pizza shop, but April senses there are more people around them but she can’t see them.  Now that master Splinter is back and the turtles are back in the city, April wants to find her dad who has been mutated during the Krang invasion.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the countryside, but the turtles belong in the city.  Everything has changed.  The city belongs to the Krang and Shredder and the turtles have to draw all their strength to defeat them.  Hopefully with all their training and vision quest training, the turtles are stringer than ever.