april oneil megan fox tmnt

Laying aside all attitudes and bad blood between them, Michael Bay has cast Megan Fox in the role of April O’Neil in his upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot. While legions of fans think that this is a bad idea, I’m not so sure it is. First off, Megan Fox is a “nerd” in her own right and she respects the properties as well as takes the role pretty hands on. Secondly, great body. People are saying that she is too sexy for the role, I’m sorry but I found April sexy as hell when I was a kid, and still kinda do, so Fox in the role peaks my interest even more. Whatever direction Michael Bay takes this film I am looking forward to it, he hasn’t let any of us down and Transformers was pretty badass, what could go wrong with some mutant turtles?! Filming is rumored to start this April, ironic don’t you think?!

Stay tooned 😛