Since, I’m not really above shameless self promotion, I’m here to plug the newest entry from Warlock Home Video and Low Budget Pictures, Teenape: Balls Deep; starring ME! As many of you know, I have a little bit of an acting life playing the loveable simian, The Teenape. Below you can read the press release and find out a little bit about the movie.

The LBP/Warlock Crew is always getting ready to have a kick-starter to raise money for the film, as well as there is a donation page at Warlock Home Video and a Facebook Page where you can learn more about the film and it’s progress. Check out the Press Release and a video on raising money for the film, and reach deep into your holiday pockets and give the gift that keeps giving…Teenape.

Press Release


Warlock Home Video and Low Budget Pictures announce the release of their 25th feature film, TEENAPE: BALLS DEEP.

In a dynamic new portrayal of Chris Seaver’s most famous character, “TEENAPE: BALLS DEEP” sends TEENAPE and his sultry partner on their latest challenge. Revealing fighting skills as lethal as his legendary intellect, TEENAPE will battle as never before to bring down a nemesis and unravel a deadly plot that could destroy the planet. Heaven and Hell collide in a battle for the ages!

The action-adventure mystery “TEENAPE: BALLS DEEP” is helmed by infamous filmmaker Chris Seaver, for Warlock Home Video and Low Budget Pictures. Casey Bowker brings the legendary Lothario to life. Along with him, will be classic Low Budget Pictures stars: Meredith Host, Josh Suire, and Billy Garberina playing members of the Paranormal Investigative Agency; an organization that’s very existence is shrouded in mystery.

TEENAPE: BALLS DEEP plans production for May 2013, with an expected release date for Q3 of 2013. The movie will be shot on the legendary Red: Scarlett camera by Clint Kelly (Sexsquatch). The production crew is currently seeking talent for the lead female role and various other cast and crew. The film will be completely fan-funded. To find out how you can donate, go to the link below.

Media Contact: Chris Seaver

Email: [email protected]