There’s a  new column INCOMING at DFAT!! ‘Tooned In’,will take a look at the cartoons of today and yesteryear! Cartoons have been a major part of my geek life for as long as I can remember. From He-Man, Transformers, Voltron, TMNT and beyond, cartoons have shaped our culture in more ways than most will admit! At a ripe age of 31, I still enjoy animation, they are the dominate genre currently sitting on my DVR. Cartoons of today aren’t just for kids anymore, the scripts on ‘toons are better than a lot of live-action shows, writers tackle deep and sometimes tragic issues. I find myself sometimes questioning why the show is on Saturday mornings and not prime time! Times have changed, and I am very entertained! Top shows currently on my watch list include: Green Lantern, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Ultimate Spider-man, Young Justice, Black Dynamite, Clone Wars and more! So stay “Tooned In” to DFAT, for reviews, previews, and a little reminiscing along the way!


Hey Towelites! Let me know what your favorite cartoons were or still are! Also sound off in the comments, how many of the characters/series from the above pic do you recognize/remember!? Have fun!

Thanks to CeltZombie for the pic


Stay tooned 😛