Telltale Games is on a roll, later today we have a Walking Dead update but I am here to tell you about two brand new projects headed our way! First up we may finally be getting the Game of Thrones video game that we all deserve! The game will be out in 2014 to coincide with the upcoming fourth season of the hit HBO show. The game will be presented in episode like all of their games and will feature big battles done in a “Telltale way”. Here’s the teaser trailer!



Next up we have a really surprising announcement, Telltale will also be making a Borderlands game! Yes you heard that right! Tales from the Borderlands will depart from the regular first-person shooter format as Telltale teams up with Gearbox Software. The story will follow two wanna-be vault hunters who are looking to score big on Pandora. I love the Borderlands series so it is really exciting to see the game taking another form! Here is the premiere trailer for the game due in 2014!



Stay tooned 😛



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