Guardians of the Galaxy is once again making people laugh, cry and shout for joy at the box office. The second movie is now in theaters, so what better time for Telltale Games to release their video game version in the form of their popular “choose your own adventure” games? We were lucky enough to get our hands on a review code for the first episode “Tangled up in Blue” and it is definitely one of my favorite TT games to date. Be warned there is spoilage ahead!

The concept of Guardians translates well into a game and Telltale doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to emulating the personalities and story elements that make the movies so popular. The classic music, the humor, and character interactions are all there; and you, the player, get to help shape the story you want to be a part of. After my first run through of the game I believe that this is truly the best format to present GOTG as a video game. I feel that a lot would be lost in translation if you merely had a shoot-em up style game. What makes these characters so great for me, is the differences between them all and how all of that meshes so well when they are all together. The soundtrack, as usual, makes for a richer experience and sets the game/story apart from most run-of-the-mill comic adventures. The voice casting is pretty dead-on to their movie counterparts so it is pretty easy to see this as an “alternate sequel” to the original movie. There are also some neat easter eggs featuring some of your favorite cosmic characters from the comics and movies, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

The opening fight scene against Thanos is one of the best Telltale moments I’ve experienced. Though you play as Starlord through most of the game, you do get to take control of all of the members of the team as you lay the smackdown on the Mad Titan. What happens after that, I won’t ruin for you; but the story takes an unexpected turn and you are thrust into an adventure for the cosmos. As a fan of the comics and movies I high recommend that you get playing this game right away.

Episode 2 “Under Pressure” is right around the corner, June 6th to be precise, so get jammin’! Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy is available on most of your usual gaming systems and devices so stop wasting time and download it today!