Game of Thrones is one of the greatest books I’ve ever read, told by one of the best writers out there, George R.R. Martin.  In turn, the story was handed off to the very skillful hands of HBO, who had undoubtedly produced one of the best shows we’ve ever seen.

Once again, the barton gets passed along, and this time into the gaming world.  Best of all, Telltale Games takes the reigns to give us not just any game, but exactly what GoT deserves… a story driven drama of a game.  And now we get even cooler news, as we find out that the game will not be a prequel, but during the timeline of the book/show itself.  The world in which the story takes place is huge, and the war that has engulfed it spreads everywhere… so the idea of playing a story that is part of that is just amazing.

Who knows… maybe you’ll get to hear of events going on that you know from the story… for all we know, you might be a brother from the wall, or someone who happened to be in the plaza when poor Ned met his doom.

Who knows when it will be, but I’ll tell one thing… I’m excited, and I’ll bet you are too.  What part of the story have you wished you could hear more about (and possibly play)?