snow flame cocaine1) DC has a villain that gets his power from using Cocaine
He name is Snow Flame and his first and only appearance was in The New Guardians Issues #2 in October 1988 and yes he gains his powers from the use of cocaine. He even says, “Cocaine is my God – and I am the human instrument of its will!” Wow, wonder why he didn’t catch on. And where are our heroes fighting him, well in Columbia of course! Ultimately the New Guardians (SPOILER) throw him in a chemical shed which explodes and presumably kills him, but he has become such a cult villain that fans have even created a site that continues his story (

2) Weapon X stands for Weapon Ten, and Captain America is Weapon One
OK, let me start by saying that I am not the biggest X-men of Marvel follower for that matter so this was news to me. I knew Wolverine has always been Weapon X, but what I didn’t know was that the X is the Roman numeral, not the letter. So Wolverine is Weapon Ten… out of 16. So not only was he not the first (duh) but he wasn’t the last either. Among the others are Frank Simpson AKA Nuke (Weapon VI) the Huntsman batman hangs a man(Weapon XII) and even Captain America (Weapon I). Again, this might have been common knowledge to hardcore Marvel Geeks (I say that with affection; read my article about why being a geek is awesome) but not to me.

3) Batman has used a gun and broken his only rule
Unless you have lived under a rock, AND that rock doesn’t have comic book, then you know that Batman has one rule. No killing. Well really its two rules, he also doesn’t use guns. In fact there was even a comic publish called the “Death of Innocents” as a kind of public service announcement about how bad guns are. But come to find out this is more of a guideline instead of a rule. Most people by now know that in the beginning Batman used a gun, which was before he became tec-savy. But did you also know he killed the bad guys? In most of the first few books, Batman disposed of the bad guy in a much more permanent way. It wasn’t until the writers feared that they would run out of villain ideas that he adopted his one rule. Side Fact: Joker was supposed to die in the first issue of Batman, the editor at the time Whitney Ellsworth forced Bob Kane to include a last panel of the Joker coming back to life, just in case.

4) Wayne Enterprises which is controlled by CEO Bruce Wayne, owns the Daily Planet which employees Clark Kent.
After a brief period of owner ship by Lex Luthor, Bruce Wayne feared that the Daily Plant might again have its honesty compromised by outside influences. So in an effort to keep this from happening he had one of Wayne Enterprises sub-divisions called Wayne Entertainment buy the newspaper. This just adds to Bruce Wayne’s estimated $7.1 Billion Dollars.

5) Hitler is Alive in the Marvel Universehitler fantastic four
Kind of. In Fantastic-Four vol. 1 #21, they fight a villain called the “Hate-Monger”. When his mask is removed during a fight with Mr. Fantastic, it is revealed that he is Adolf Hitler, or more realistically the clone body of the once leader of Germany and scientist Armin Zola transferred the mind of the original into the clone which allowed him to live past the death that everyone know of (and become the mask wearing super villain he always dreamed of). S.H.I.E.L.D. finds his find-out and kills him (again) but his clone brain, which original consciousness is mounted on an android (after briefly almost being transferred into Captain America). Eventually he is destroyed, and although other versions of the “Hate-Monger” have surfaced, none have been linked to Hitler.

6) Hawkeye is the only member of both the Ultimate Avengers and the Justice League
There was a brief period of time where Marvel and DC worked together with some crazy results. There was a Marvel versus DC series that pinned characters like Lobo against Wolverine or Storm against Wonder Women. Then you had the combined characters like Darkclaw which was Batman and Wolverine merged into one character. There was also a Justice League of America and Avengers Comic which put both teams together on the same side against Starro among others (look him up for a good laugh) . The Avengers leader Captain America sends Hawkeye to the DC Universe where he joins the Justice League and becomes the only person to be member of both sides. Although I think Ben Affleck might be able to do that as well with the superman pornoDaredevil and Batman. Does that count?

7) Superman Did Porn
During his fight with one of the lesser known villains named the “Sleez”. He becomes brainwashed along with “Big Barda” into doing a porno flick and filming it (not the greatest plan to take over the world). So how does the Caped Crusader get out of it? He doesn’t! They film it. Even weirder, Darkseid gets a hold of it by one of his agents on earth (who apparently stumbles across it?) And Darkseid being the evil super villain he is…shows it to Big Barba’s husband Mr. Miracle like some Soap opera. Somehow (still unclear) Mr. Miracle goes back in time and is able to stop the filming right before it happens. Case Closed! Oh and at the end the Sleez kills himself rather than go to jail. Weird

spock vs wolverine8) Spock can beat Wolverine
That’s right Spock, from Star Trek. During another brief cross over in 1996 the two square off against each other. Wolverine goes berserker and instantly rips Spock apart… right? Nope! More like he goes berserker and instantly gets shut down. Spock Vulcan nerve pinches him and knocks him out. Now sure, wolverine could heal and just hop back up and give it another go, but instead he runs away like a wounded animal (pun intended) and throws a few insults toward the Vulcan badass. Of all the villains he has ever faced, who knew Wolverines weakness was a lack of emotion and a funny blue uniform?

9) Marvel has a Clark Kent
Having first appeared in X-men I#98 in October of 1971, he sometimes also goes by Ken Clarke. So is this Marvel paying homage to a famous albeit rival superhero? No exactly. This Clark Kent has no super powers, and is seen as less than awesome. Although he does in one issue dance superman is gaywith the she-hulk (I wonder who was leading).He works at a Metropolitan newspaper in Manhattan and even has a wife names Lois Lane. He even has a friend named Joe Robertson who works at another newspaper named… you guessed it, the daily Bugle.

10) Superman Can Turn Gay

Superman has one major weakness and that is the little green rock known as Kryptonite. However there isn’t just Green Kryptonite, there is also Blue Kryptonite which is only harmful to Super-Bizarros. There is White Kryptonite which is deadly only to plant life. Gold Kryptonite which permanently robs Superman of his powers. Red Kryptonite whose effects are unpredictable and lastely, Pink Kryptonite which turns Superman Homosexual? And what backwoods thinking early 70’s comic does this appear in? Supergirl Vol4 #79 published in April of 2003. The effects of the fabulous Kryptonite are only temporary and Superman recovers, but one can’t help but wonder, why exactly?

~Oberon Sexton