There had been some rumors going around that there was a new Terminator in the works and that it would be going to Paramount studios to be made. Seems today that the rumors are true. Not only is there a new Terminator film coming, but Arnold Schwarzenegger will be BACK as THE TERMINATOR! I’m extremely excited to see Arnold back in full-swing in all the old movie staples that made him famous. Take a look to see what he had to say below!

In fact, I’m very happy that the studios want me to be in Terminator 5 and to star AS the Terminator, which we start shooting in January and I’m also going to do King Conan – to play that role and also to do another Twins movie. So I feel very proud of that. I feel very happy and I’m looking forward to doing those films.

Looks like 2014 will be a big day for Arnold. No director has been attached yet, Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier will be penning the script. Stay Tuned to DFAT as more Terminator 5 news comes in!