So who’s up for another Terminator film? I am. Anything to wash the bad taste that Terminator Salvation left in my mouth. Producer Megan Ellison (The Master, Zero Dark Thirty) has finally FULLY acquired the rights to the franchise from Pacificorp (who couldn’t do shite with the rights after buying them from the bankrupted Halcyon). Originally we were looking at three more films, but now the deal has Ellison in for two, who needs trilogies anywho. And the more time all of these chumps take only takes us closer to 2019 when James Cameron gets the rights back, and let me tell you 2019 cannot come fast enough. Maybe Cameron will be wrapping up with Avatar by that time and can concentrate on another kick ass Terminator film, fan boys can dream right? Joining Ellison on the project will be her brother, David Ellison (Mission: Impossible–Ghost Protocol Star Trek Into DarknessG.I. Joe 2), as co-producerSo we have some real strength on this project, let’s hope for the best. I mean it couldn’t be any worse than Salvation right!?

Stay tooned 😛


VIA: Deadline