Here is my first piece, my first contribution towards DFAT.   It is on one of the most amazing games I have ever played; though ironically, what makes it so good is its departure from what of us consider a game.  I am referring to, thatgamecompany’s 3rd installment to the PS3, Journey – and the recently released “Journey – Collectors Edition.

thatgamecompany initially impressed us with their downloadable game ‘flOw‘ – a simple and easy “move around and get all the points” game that combines shapes, sounds and colors in one beautiful motion over what seemed to be parallel levels/planes (creating an interesting depth of field for something so linear and simple).

Continuing with Flower – one of the most beautiful and relaxing games I had ever experienced (until Journey), thatgamecompany sets itself apart from others and has become one of PlayStation’s strongest indie developers.  Flower lets you take control of a gust of wind, collecting flower petals as you breezed through fields and canyons along the soothing backdrop of peaceful ambient music.

And then came Journey.  This game to me has reached levels of appreciation no other game has ever come close to.  From its mesmerizing graphics, to the beautifully orchestrated music,to the intuitive “online/multiplayer” interaction, to its philisophical sub-context/idealism, this game achieves something no other game has been able to do… Magic.

I could seriously write forever on how amazing this game, but the whole point is that it’s not as much a game, as a literal Journey you will take; an experience you will have. So, the wisest thing I can do is just suggest, nay…  implore you to try it out.  And I will only give a few tips (the very same things I suggested to Chaz).

The game is short (though the feeling it will leave you with will provide plenty of replay value).  You shouldn’t need more than a couple hours tops.  So turn off the lights, turn up the sound, and most importantly, pick a time you can play this without any interruptions or distractions.

Any of thatgamecompany’s games can be downloaded off the PlayStation store, or (as of August 28th) buy all 3 on a new “Journey – Collector’s Edition” disc which also includes the soundtracks for all three games, along with art galleries, behind-the-scenes, wallpapers/themes and more.

Having talked you ear off (sorry, but I seriously love this game), I will leave you with Chaz’s Facebook update after he took the Journey himself:

“[Journey] takes only a couple hours, but it’s one of the most unique and beautiful experiences you will EVER have playing a video game.”