This is the second installment of the Amazing Spiderman saga. This time the story digs deeper into the mystery of Peter Parker’s parents and their involvement with OSCORP. Andrew Garfield reprises his role as the web slinging superhero Peter Parker/Spiderman. Emma Stone steps back into her role as the love interest Gwen Stacy, and Sally Fields takes up the part again as the ever-loving, strong-willed Aunt May. Campbell Scott has a bit part playing Richard Parker. Even though his role is short, it adds to the ever-growing mystery that surrounds his and his wife’s death.Andrew delivers another great performance as your friendly neighborhood webslinger. In this film, the story also concentrates on the tough decision’s Peter Parker has to make both personally and professionally. Slowly the clues start to piece together a picture that answers some of the questions Peter been asking himself about his parents. Andrew gives his character the right amount of insecurity as a young man trying to save his relationship with his girlfriend, and at the same time deliver a perfect amount of charm, wit, and strength to save the Big Apple. Tobey Maguire was good, but Andrew Garfield is born to play Spiderman.

Amazing Spider Man 02Harry Osborne, played by Dane Dehaan, comes into the picture as Peter’s childhood friend and newly appointed CEO of OSCORP after his father, Norman Osborn, dies from a genetic disease unfortunately passed down to his son as well. This version of Harry Osborne is much creepier and unsettling. Dane plays his role very well, making Harry a pathetic rich kid with daddy issues doing whatever it takes to survive. His transformation to the famous green faced pointy eared menace is very cool to watch, but unfortunately his screen time was too short. Electro, played by Jamie Foxx, was the perfect choice to play this electrifying character. Max Dillon, a.k.a Electro, was a OSCORP employee when he stumbled into a vat of genetically mutated electric eels and causing him to change into a human Tesla coil with anger and insecurity issues. Jamie is a brilliant actor with ability to give Max Dillon/Electro a wonderfully pathetic story that some viewers can oddly relate to. Being able to belong, to be noticed is everyone’s wish, and in this mad crazy world where everybody is in a rush, some get passed over or worse, ignored. Jamie portrayed that kind of person with great ease and conviction you almost feel sympathy for him. The costume is brilliantly crafted to resemble the human neurological and electrical impulses. His tone of voice matches a vibrating microphone perfectly that it kind of gave chills just hearing him talk. The action sequences between Spidey and Electro was nothing short of spectacular.

Gwen and peter spider manGwen Stacy, played by Emma Stone, takes center stage in this story. Her decision to continue her relationship with Peter puts a dark cloud in their future. She loves him, but she realizes that Peter has responsibilities to the city as Spiderman. Emma is a fantastic actress who brings class and independence to her character. She has this spunky and loveable quality that shines in Gwen. It is great to watch her on the big I thoroughly enjoyed this film. The action sequences were great, but there weren’t enough of them in the picture. The drama between Gwen and Peter was drawn out far too long, and I was getting a little bored. The villains are colorful and entertaining, and the actors who portrayed them did a fantastic job. The story was well written, but I just wish they could have told us more about OSCORP and their dark secrets. Oh well, I’ll just to wait until the next installment!

I give this film three movie stubs.

~The TruthSayer