We reported last week about how Marc Webb and Sony Pictures seemed to be moving towards a more sinister future for the Amazing Spider-Man films. Well, today they’ve announced the dates for sequels 3 and 4; and I think this future seems a little more bright.

With Amazing Spider-Man 3 coming on June 10th, 2014 and part 3 coming May 4th, 2018; that will be one more Spider-Man than the Sam Raimi films every other summer. Sony and Marvel seem keen on making the Andrew Garfield films bigger, and hopefully geared towards a more Avengers-esque big movie at the end of them. Featuring Electro, The Rhino, Norman and Harry Osbourne in the new film, plus Lizard not dying in the first movie; they’re very close to having their full Sinister Six.

All of this is just wishful thinking, but I loved the first Amazing Spider-Man, and am glad that Andrew Garfield is donning the web-shooters for years to come. We’ll keep you posted as more Amazing Spider-Man news comes here to DFAT!