Cynicnerd and I were just talking the other day about the Universe that director Marc Webb has created with The Amazing Spider-Man. They are developing the character in a fantastic way, you’re getting hints that Peter’s dad isn’t all that he seems, and we’re getting spinoff movies with some of his most popular villains! So, when I heard that Sony has asked Webb to direct the third film, I was elated!


Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chairman Amy Pascal reveals a plan that’s even more ambitious than we previously thought. “We are expanding the universe so that we have ‘Spider-Man’ movies every year,” she tells Variety.

A movie a year!? What!? Is Andrew Garfield going to be in the costume the whole time? Maybe for a bit, but that kid has some serious acting chops, and as much as I like him donning the Red & Blue, I’m sure he’ll have to move on from the franchise eventually. Whatever happens, you know we’ll keep you posted here at DFAT!

Here is the latest international trailer featuring some new scenes from the movie!