Tomorrow the first episode of “Avengers: Initiative mobile game will be available for purchase. It features the Hulk as he smashes his way through HD environments and super-baddies.  But the fun doesn’t stop there! Down the road there will be more episodes featuring Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man, these are all included as free content after your initial purchase of $6.99. Looks pretty good, people are comparing it to the Infinity Blade series that relies on gesture based combat, this style is also very similar to the Batman: Arkham City game that came out last year.  The Justice League IOS game may have a run for its money on this one! The Avengers: Initiative releases on IOS and Android compatible systems  tomorrow, September 6th. Below you’ll find the trailer and a couple screen shots featuring the Hulk battling the Abomination and also one of a game menu screen showing off one of the costumes that will be available, King Hulk from Planet Hulk!





Stay Tooned 😛