It doesn’t matter if you’re into movies, video games, or comics, geeks love to show off their interests around the home. Here’s a collection of fancy, but practical pieces of furniture that’ll personalize your home and let your visitors know that you’re a serious enthusiast.


Antique Timepieces

These old-style clocks and watches add a unique touch of style to your home. Whether it’s a large grandfather clock or a small pocket watch that’s displayed on a shelf or cabinet, they’re bound to draw attention with their elegant and timeless designs.

Giant Rubik’s Cube Table

These giant Rubik’s cube tables can act as side tables, or put together to create coffee tables or even a dining area. The original puzzle game has such an iconic look and color scheme that they are instantly recognizable, and they are practical as well!


A Wargaming Table

While it’s fun to play tabletop games like Warhammer on a standard table, why not enhance the experience with a dedicated table that has interchangeable tiles, plenty of fancy scenery, and a lot of extra space around the edges for your codexes and spare pieces. They make perfect centerpieces for your gaming rooms too!

Scrabble Pillows

Who doesn’t love a fun and relaxed game of scrabble? These DIY pillows are simple to create if you have a little sewing knowledge, but they can also be bought online. Buy all the letters, or just buy a few to spell out a couple of words and line them up on your sofa or bed.


A Collectibles Display

What better way to show off the upcoming Funko X-Men figures than a display cabinet or shelf? You’ll need some space (or a wall) to install these, but they’re guaranteed to catch the attention of your guests. Show off your collection, don’t hide them in a dark room never to be seen! If you decide on a standalone shelf, make sure you pick glass ones that are sturdy—don’t skip on the cost, you want good quality materials so they won’t break easily. You’ll also want to buy some cleaning products to keep the glass or shelves pristine.

Gigantic NES Table

This all-wood retro NES controller table is a handcrafted masterpiece that starts at roughly $3,500. However, what you get is a beautiful piece of furniture that features a fully working NES controller that can plug in via USB cable, or even the original NES controller port. Though it’s a little impractical to use to play games, it can be great fun to play cooperatively with your friends and family. Someone controls the directions, and someone else presses the buttons.


Bean Bag Chairs

Sofas are boring and take a lot of space. How about getting a couple of bean bag chairs instead? They’re fun, they can mold to your body shape, and they’re relatively inexpensive to maintain and buy compared to a sturdy sofa. They come in all different sizes and designs, so you’re bound to find one to suit every room in your house. They’re relatively easy to clean because the sheets are generally just cloth, and they’re comfortable too! They make the perfect gaming chair when combined with a standard height TV, and you’ll be able to lean back in style as you game till the sun comes up.


Arcade Machines

What better way to show off your passion for gaming than to own a full-sized arcade cabinet? These old-school machines can get quite costly, but there is a cheaper alternative: making your own! There are plenty of online websites where you can purchase sturdy arcade setups for a low price. You can customize everything about them too, and even request what games you want added to the machine. And best of all? You won’t need quarters to play!

Perler Bead Art

Perler beads have become a craze in retro gaming communities because they can be used to create retro pixel-style works of art. There are plenty of online stores that are willing to take commissions and personalize your requests such as adding magnets so they can stick to surfaces or gigantic pieces of artwork that can completely cover a wall.


Stackable Tetris Lights

Who doesn’t know Tetris by now? The iconic puzzle game has appeared on virtually every game console that’s ever been created, and now you can relive that success with these awesome stackable lights. The blocks light up when they touch other blocks, and you can buy multiple sets to create large display pieces that can be hung on walls or placed on shelves. The best thing about it? They won’t disappear when you stack them in a line!


Pinball Machines

Not only are these classic gaming machines, there’s also an incredible number of licensed pinball machines. Whether you’re a sci-fi fan, zombie lover, or fantasy purist, there’s a pinball machine that will perfectly match your interests. Pinball machines are instantly recognizable with their shape and design, and they’re easy enough to play that anyone will be able to enjoy themselves. You and your guests will love the catchy music and addictive gameplay of these brilliant inventions.

Gothic Inspired Furniture

If you love fantasy, you’ll love this collection of gothic-inspired furniture. Although it looks expensive, pieces of gothic furniture can be purchased from specialized stores for relatively cheap prices. A handcrafted mahogany chair would be the perfect seat at a dinner table, fit for a king or queen. A dragon statue table would make an excellent accompaniment to a stylish and elegant chaise lounge. The possibilities and combinations are endless!


Home Theater Setup

If you’re serious about movies, then you’ll want to have a proper setup to go with your passion. A home theater setup needs a lot of gear: comfy chairs, a projector, a wide screen, lots of DVDs and Blu-Rays, and a device to play them on. For the ultimate experience, dedicate an entire room (like a spare bedroom) to building your dream theater setup, and invite your friends and family over for a viewing experience they’ll never forget. You can also use the room as a games room by plugging in a console or computer into the projector instead—it’ll have a lot of different uses!