Ever wanted to visit a Star Wars planet and spend some time sightseeing? Of course you have! Well, we’ve got you covered.

People have been fantasizing about living in the “Star Wars” universe for over 30 years now. And how can you blame them? George Lucas’ 1977 classic, and especially its sequel “The Empire Strikes Back”, showed audiences a brand new universe full of practically limitless possibilities! I mean, come on now, which one of us hasn’t wanted to be a moisture farmer on Tatooine at some point? … Just me? Well, even if moisture farming, blue milk and dodging sand people isn’t for you, you’d be lying if you said you never wanted to visit the cantina and hear that all too catchy music being played live! But how would you even find the cantina if you were to somehow jump through hyperspace and end up on the desert planet? Hmm, if only there was some sort of travel guide which told you exactly what the best spots to check out on each “Star Wars” planet are… Oh, wait, yes, there is! The people at CasinoReview.co.uk created an expansive chart that you can use to guide your travels through the “Star Wars” universe! A good chunk of the planets visited throughout the seven saga movies have been described there, so you’re definitely not going to run out of vacation spots any time soon!