The original queen of vampire fiction, Anne Rice, has announced she will be releasing a new novel starring the egocentric vampire. The novel will be entitled The Prince Lestat. It will hit shelves on October 28th, according to her Facebook page.

The prolific author made the announcement on The Dinner Party Show, that’s run by her son Christopher Rice. See the announcement below!

“The last time I kept a secret this long, it was my own sexuality and I wound up with a bunch of unhappy girlfriends,” said Christopher Rice, who was voted Out Magazine’s eight most eligible bachelor of 2014. “Seriously, we we’re planning this announcement for almost a year and I’m thrilled that it came off as well as it did. And I think PRINCE LESTAT is magnificent, juicy, sprawling, delicious novel and I can’t wait for it to land before the public.”

Her previous vampire novel Blood Canticle was released in 2003. In the meantime she completed a series of books based on Jesus Christ’s life.