SPC ECO Sirens and Satellites

Every once in a while you find an album that gives you hope. That shows you that through all of the mainstream and mundane there is a band that’s different, innovative and just plain great. The sugary haunting vocals and the dark, sometimes dancy, always trippy music, is what sets this band apart from the rest. I tend to compare music to weather, I know that sounds odd, but I always think to myself,“I want to listen to this band on a warm sunny day,” or “This is the perfect rainy day music,” and I can honestly say that this album it perfect for all seasons.

Rose Berlin (vox and words) and Dean Garcia, (bass, drums, guitars, studio engineer and producer) are the fabulous duo that make up SPC ECO. Dean also just so happens to be Rose’s father, and the two have them have been making music since she could make a sound.

SPC ECO have been putting out albums since 2008, all of which you can find on BandCamp. Sirens And Satellites is SPC ECO’s first full length album since Dark Notes, and the first to get a full digital release since their debut 3D in 2009.

Sirens and Satellites is available for digital release right NOW; and I strongly urge all of you to check it out. It is worth the money, you will not regret it.

Official Press Release:

SPC ECO are set to release their new album Sirens and Satellites on 28th October 2013 via all the usual digital sources with tentative plans for a physical release at a later date.

SPC ECO are Rose Berlin (vox and words) and Dean Garcia (bass, drums, guitars, studio engineer and producer, and best known for being one half of seminal 90s band Curve). Having recently completed a BA Sculpture (with first class honours!) Rose is now concentrating her efforts on her music, together as always with her multi-instrumentalist and maverick producer father, Dean. Rose and Dean have been writing and recording songs from as soon as Rose was able to make a sound. The chemistry between them is undeniable.

SPC ECO have produced and recorded a succession of albums and EPs since 2008 all of which are listed on BandCamp . Their last releases, Push EP, Delusional Waste and Falling Stars have been picked up by the likes of Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music (UK), WZBC (Boston), Amazing Radio (UK), WRIR (Virginia) and have also been championed by BBC London’s Gary Crowley. Delusional Waste – the first single from the new album – reached the dizzy heights of the influential HypeMachine top 20 and had widespread blog coverage.

Sirens And Satellites is SPC ECO’s first full length album since 2012’s Dark Notes, and the first to get a full digital release since their debut 3D in 2009. The duo have worked closely with Jarek Leskiewicz on the album, Jarek has co written 6 of the tracks as well as producing and recording many of the musical elements from his home studio in Opole Poland. The end result is an epic and eclectic 15 track album which effortlessly weaves together dark synthpop, “spacegaze” (The VPME), and widescreen atmospherics.


DROWNED IN SOUND – “Noise-laden trancetronica… such an enticing live proposition”
BLACK BOOK MAGAZINE – “A gentle swirl of sugary tones and widescreen beat to backstop Rose Berlin’s wispy vocals”
GOD IS IN THE TV – “A bliss kissing dreamscape dinked in noir skinned slow seduction”
WAVE MAKER MAGAZINE – “Musically innovative, futuristic, thought provoking, and sugar-y sweet with a dark side aching to be heard”
THE SOUND OF CONFUSION – “Rose’s hushed tones are well suited to these space/drone/electro/indie sounds and the washes of noise create a luscious effect”
BREAKING MORE WAVES – “Push places itself somewhere between Depeche Mode and Garbage with a horror show darkness that makes us shudder with delight”
THE VPME – TRACK OF THE DAY – ”Innovative, genre traversing music that casts a spell over the listener”
RIGHT CHORD MUSIC – “Conjures up images and echoes of MBV and the Cocteau’s combining layer upon layer of guitar laden sound-scapes along with electronic drums and dub heavy bass lines” [Hollow Talk cover]
FISH IN A SUB – “Electro pop with a dark vein running through it”
HILLY DILLY – “A fantastical cataclysm of progressive electronic and futuristic sonancy”


1 Fallen Stars
2 Delusional Waste
3 Zombie
4 Hold You Up
5 High On It
6 The Whole Day Long
7 Make Me Stay
8 Hold On Me
9 Don’t Need Fear
10 Tweet Fields at Night
11 Sirens and Satellites
12 LOL The Witch Is Dead
13 You’re Cold
14 Free Fall
15 Found

Produced Recorded and Mixed by Dean Garcia at The ELaB

Additional recording and pre production at
Cloud City Studios Opole by Jarek Leskiewicz

Songs 2/4/5/7/9/11/12/14/15
Written By Rose Berlin and Dean Garcia

Songs 1/3/6/8/10/13
Written by Rose Berlin Dean Garcia and Jarek Leskiewicz

Released on Bandcamp 18 September 2013
SPC ECO ON this album are
Rose Berlin Voice and Words
Dean Garcia Bass Drums Guitars Keys and Programming
Jarek Leskiewicz Guitars Synths Drones Ambience
Perry Pelonero Additional Guitar on Free Fall
Brent Martino Additional Guitar on Sirens and Satellites

Sleeve photo Doncaster Skies by Rose Berlin
PR Chris Rigg
Management by FuCK U Inc
Legal Rep Omar Little Christopher Moltisanti and Kalisi
All rights reserved and owned by SPC ECO inc
All songs SPC ECO registered Rights Holders PPL UK

A Polite Notice
Please DO NOT publish the content of this album individually or otherwise with view to making it available by any means whatsoever anywhere on the internet and beyond without written consent from SPC ECO (otherwise Chris will have you clipped)

Rose and Dean would like to thank
Jarek Leskiewicz Chris Rigg, Wombbaby, HKG, The Bakers, Bax Bonts and Kar, Laura and Em, Zac, Alan Moulder, Flood, Phill and Kle Savidge, Russell Keeble, Joey Levenson, Perry Pelonero, Brent Martino, Debbie Smith, John Howaard Fletcher, Slade Templeton, Debbie and Sky, The Winstons, Ian Martin, The Turtle Family, Broadcast, Peter Strickland, Gavin Mata Hari, Alex and Joseph Keevill, Jude Rawlins, Jo Neale, Robin Allport The Knox Family, Hen Lomas, Freddy Lomas, Ilham, Nick and Stuart at Nicolas James, Paige, Arty Party Kate Howard, Kalisi and her Dragons, John Snow ( the hot one not the news reader ) and all those that have supported us over the years. Thank you.

Jarek would like to thank
The Garcia’s, Dusia, Nela, Ula, Sandra, Roxy, Martin, Dominik, Amadeusz & Patryk, Defil, Ludwik, Silver Sparkler.