When the news was announced that they’d be rebooting The Crow, goths of the world cried outrage and wept eyeliner-soaked tears. Looks like the people of Relativity Media listened and decided to sign on Crow creator, James O’Barr to consult on the upcoming film.

In an interview recently, O’Barr went on to say:

“It is important for Crow fans to understand that Relativity, Javier, Luke and the entire team are working on a new adaptation of the book itself,” said O’Barr.

“I believe that this movie will stand alongside Brandon and his film as a valid work of art, and I look forward to collaborating on the project.”

Luke Evans will be taking on the role that Brandon Lee made famous. Unfortunately, Lee’s career came to a tragic end when live ammunition was on the set and Lee was accidentally shot to death. Evans wants to honor the late actor by taking on his role, and had an recent interview with Digital Spy below.

The Crow reboot starts shooting sometime in 2014, and will probably be released later that year.


LUKE-EVANS_DRACULA-YEAR-ZERO_ luke-evans-the-crow