I’m sorry that I was a little behind on The Crow reboot news, but with most of the casting choices being rumors; from Tom Hiddleston, to James McAvoy, to Alexandar Skarsgard. Finally, director  F. Javier Gutierrez has decided to place Luke Evans in the lead.

Evans has been snagging acting jobs with Fast & Furious 6, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, and Dracula: Year Zero. Now, he’ll be playing the lead based off the character from the James O’Barr comic of the same name. Evans will be, Eric Draven, a man that comes back to life to right the wrongs of his murderers, after being killed on Halloween Eve.

I think Evans is a fine enough actor, but I’m still not convinced that The Crow should be remade. Brandon Lee brought a presence to the role that will be really hard to top. Also, with the fact that Lee died during production of the original film; the film is a bit more plagued than most Hollywood productions.

We’ll keep you posted on more Crow reboot news here at DFAT!


The Crow teaser poster