I have been an avid collector and fan of all the DC Universe animated features from the beginning, but none of them hold a candle to the latest release The Dark Knight Returns Part 1. Split into two parts, TDKR P1  tells the story of a future Gotham City where the Batman has retired and the city is being overran by violence and crime once again. Bruce Wayne now tries to hide from the demon that is the mantle of the Bat and suppress his need to right the wrong. Bruce eventually gives in to his true-self and the Batman returns to bring those who would threaten the innocent to justice, something he does in a surprisingly violent (for a cartoon) way. The animation is top-notch, and it is exciting to see that we are getting an improvement on these films on every release. Frank Miller originally wrote this masterpiece back in the eighties. A time when comic books were near extinction, Miller decided to turn the tide with a violent and dark story that brought the Batman, and comic books into a new era. Warner Premiere‘s release is not only the best of the bunch but also the most loyal to the source material. With a few tweaks here and there, ones that can easily be overlooked, The Dark Knight Returns is bright look into the future of what the genre is capable of entertaining us with. As usual there are two episodes from the vault of previous DC animated show, on this disc 2 episodes from Batman: The Animated Series which are Two-Face centric. Also on the disc is a 45-minute documentary about Bob Kane, a sneak peek into The Dark Knight Rises Part 2, and some trailers. Nothing to get overly excited for, I am actually very disappointed that we are not getting any more DC Showcase shorts, the real treat is waiting for part two to be released in early 2013!

I give this movie a 9/10, I can’t wait to see this film as a whole, especially the battle with you know who.

Stay tooned 😛