When you have friends with a passion for the geekier things in life, shopping for a gift is so easy. But for all those pals that haven’t yet discovered the wonders of the geek universe, it’s a struggle to find the right gift for a special occasion. Of course, buried deep within every human is their inner geek. It’s up to you to tap into that hidden passion for the fun side of life. Introduce your mates to the better things in this world with one of these geek gifts for beginners:

Gift Box Of Geek Treasures

You could assemble your own box of treasures to help your pal explore a range of geeky things. Or why not try a subscription service like a Super Loot box delivered to their door? Throw in comic books, tee shirts, action figures, games, collector cards, and anything else they’ll find to be completely awesome. Mix it up so they can find what drives their inner geek. Merchandise can be a great way to inspire someone to become passionate about a movie, character, or comic.



Tickets To Comic Con

If your friend has never experienced the awe of a comic con, why not get them a ticket? You could attend with them so you can both make the most of this fantastic event. It doesn’t have to be a big international convention. Start small with a local event. Of course, taking a road trip to one of the biggest comic cons in the country could be a great part of the gift. Don’t forget to take them costume shopping!



Movie Or TV Box Set

A box set of something they’ve been meaning to check out could be the ideal gift for a friend. Maybe there is a TV series that everyone is talking about right now? If they haven’t seen it, wrap it up for a great gift. You could even arrange a marathon night with popcorn, pizza and pop to get through the first three or four episodes.



Comics And Graphic Novels

Some people love the art, others are inspired by the story. Whichever it is that your beginner geek mate is most motivated by, that’s the direction to lead them in. Get a couple of comics or graphic novels that will be appealing to them. Then you could encourage them to create some memes or comic art themselves. If they like to write, introduce them to some fan fiction forums and see what they might compose.



Themed Party

No birthday is complete without a party. This is your chance to shine. Creating a themed party complete with pop culture wall art, napkins, cups and costumes could be the most outrageous gift you could give! It’s a great way to show your pal just how much fun it is to embrace the geeky life and love it with honesty.

If you’re ready to bring your friend into the world of the geeky, there are plenty of great ways you can do that. And if it’s a birthday gift you’re looking for, then what could be better than something that introduces all the delights of pop culture. What would you love for your birthday?