This fall the CW will begin airing its new superhero series “Arrow”. Based on the DC comics character Green Arrow, Arrow looks to continue the “edgy” superhero trend. After 9 seasons of Smallville, the CW is ready to move on to a more “provocative and gritty” take of Oliver Queen than the same character that was portrayed before. Talk is that writers have borrowed many elements from Andy Diggle’s 2007 miniseries Green Arrow: Year One. Synopsis Here. A couple of awesome hints in the trailer allude to the appearance of Deathstroke the Terminator and a recent casting has revealed that Deadshot will be appearing as part of Arrow’s Rogue gallery as well. I was never a really big fan of Smallville when it was airing (teen melodrama blah blah blah), UNTIL the time they started introducing other superheroes into the mix, and of course the addition of Erica Durance didn’t hurt either. BUT a gritty show about Green Arrow I could get behind. Oliver Queen has never been the poster child of good deeds. His flat-out assassination of Prometheus during “Cry for Justice” (for which he was kicked off the Justice League for), also killing a thug who was torturing Black Canary, and not to mention clearly trying to kill Deathstroke by shoving an arrow into his eyepatch! Oliver Queen is no angel. So I am not sure why people are up in arms about this take on the character, it’s not like he’s the big blue boy-scout Superman! (I have full faith in Zach Snyder) Just because this is a “gritty take on the character” does not mean lacking in humor, no show can survive without a little levity. So get excited DC fanpeops. Check the trailer out below, and catch “Arrow” Wednesdays this fall on the CW!