Pack your bags we’re moving to Europe! Somehow this one slipped under everyone’s radars! This November, Métal Hurlant Chronicles (the original release title) starring the likes of Rutger Hauer, Michael Jai-White, and James Marsters, will start airing as an ongoing television series in France, soon to be followed in Germany and the UK, but guess what? No US date has been announced…WTF?!  Two prior animated adaptations were released under the title Heavy Metal, one in 1981 and the other in 2000. The original 1981 film adapted several of the stories that were feature in a magazine of the same title, and known for its semi-erotic content the series became a popular cult hit. The magazine covers featured art by well-known artists like H.R. Giger (Alien) and Esteban Maroto (Red Sonja), and currently the publication is owned by famed TMNT creator Kevin Eastman. Check out the two teasers below:




Here’s hoping that this finds its way overseas, and fast!

Stay tooned 😛